Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Friday, June 22, 2018

More Summer Fun

As we prepare to end our June in Pentwater next week, it's hard to believe that the month is already almost over.  With baseball games, the girls starting their summer Stage Kids class (Lion King, Jr.), library programs, Staley's Tuesday day camp, Staley's singing lessons, and Adelie's swim lessons, the past few weeks have gone quickly.  We have still found time to fit in some of our other summer bucket list activities.

We made our way to the Farm Park for a morning of fun, a picnic, and some playground time with friends.

The kids always like getting together with their friends.

On our way home that same day, we stumbled across Kids Fest at the IGA.

We stopped in for some free bouncy house, balloon animal, face painting, yummy treats kind of fun.

We have a family friend who knows a model train collector who has an entire room of his home dedicated to his model trains.  Along with trains covering all the walls, he also has a huge track system so the engines can pull their freight cars all around the room.

Grandpa took Briggs to check out this "train room."  He told me all about the "long trains chugging along the track."  Briggs thought it was awesome!!

We also celebrated Father's Day with brunch and sprinkler fun at Grammie and Grandpa's house.

Getting to spend time with cousins never gets old.

Summer is filling up and flying by.  We still have lots more things to cross off our summer list over the next month and a half.  But next up??  Pentwater!

Let's Play Ball!

Adelie and Staley are both done with their summer baseball seasons.  Adelie played her first season of t-ball and Staley played her first season of coach pitch baseball.  And although they both set the bar extremely low to start the season, both girls made good progress and had fun playing.

At Adelie's first game, she hit the ball and then just stood there.  When everyone started yelling "RUN!", she trotted out towards the pitcher, still holding her bat.  Her coach had to run the bases with her that entire first game.  (Like I said, setting the bar low.)

By the end of the season, she could hit the ball off the tee and run the bases without help.  Her throwing and catching skills are still a (big) work in progress, but she at least has an idea of what she is supposed to do. 

The one game she played first base, she never watched the ball or realized that every kid was going to be throwing it to her.  Luckily, most of the kids lacked the aim or the arm strength to get it right to her, which saved Adelie from getting hit with the ball.  Getting the glove on the correct hand consistently was also a work in progress throughout the season.  I'd like to say she mastered that, but...

Adelie enjoyed her season, liked playing with her friends, and learned quite a bit about baseball in the process.  I'll call that success.

Staley was even more enthusiastic about playing baseball.  When her last game was cancelled due to rain, she burst into tears because her season was over.  Where Adelie had little interest in practicing at home, Staley wanted to work on her baseball skills in between games.  Grandpa was a great batting coach to help her learn how to swing properly.

For coach pitch, the kids get to swing at 6 pitches before having to hit off the tee.  Staley's first game, she had to hit off the tee every time up to bat.  After that first game, she practiced with Grandpa and only had to use the tee once or twice more the entire season.  She never hit the ball far, but was consistent  in making contact and seemed to find a new running speed to generally avoid getting thrown out at first.  Staley was also not the best fielder, but the first few times she stopped the ball, she just held it or threw it to the person standing closest to her, like the shortstop.  By the end of the season, she knew to throw it to first base.  There is still a lot about baseball that she has not learned yet (like how to cover the base she was playing) and many skills that need plenty of improvement (like throwing the ball farther than about 10-15 feet), but again, progress and enjoyment are how I measure success at this age.

And Briggs filled his baseball time with making new friends.  Whether he was getting this little girl to share her tablet or playing volleyball with a middle school girl, he always seemed to find a friend to help him pass the time.

 A month of evenings at the ball field went by quickly.  I didn't burst into tears about their seasons ending, but I did enjoy watching them play and seeing them grow throughout the season.  Success!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Question of the Day

On Father's Day, why did Zach decide to forego an afternoon nap or watching the White Sox game on the couch to instead work on a house project, complete with letting the kids play with the tools that he was trying to use?

Because he is the most selfless, hard-working, fun, thoughtful, loving, amazing husband and father ever!!  We are so lucky!

Happy Father's Day!

They Say...

Last night, Briggs came into the living room and told me, "I was walking in the bathroom and I almost fell, but I put my foot out like an outrigger and I didn't fall."

Zach stood up and his back cracked really loudly.  Adelie exclaimed, "Daddy!  Your skin is creaking."

The other day, I heard Adelie telling Briggs to stop kicking her.  He responded, "I'm not kicking you.  I'm just patting you with my foot."

Zach was on the roof outside the girls' room running a wire.  Staley said, "I can't wait until I'm a grown-up and can hang out on the roof whenever I want to."

Life is never dull with these 3.

Saturday, June 16, 2018


Every time Staley's baseball coach tells Staley to hustle, it makes me smile knowingly.  He has not yet realized that Staley moves in one speed...and hustle it is not.

Nap Free Zone

I have always loved naps.  I like taking them.  I enjoy the peace and quiet when my kids take them.  I was already looking forward to Briggs's nap time this coming school year when Adelie and Staley would be at school.  The idea of 2 hours of quiet time each and every afternoon had already filled my head with lists of amazing and wonderful things that I could accomplish.

My school year dreams crashed and burned this week as our family officially entered the 'no napping zone.'  To be fair, Briggs would still take a nap every day if I wanted him to.  Unfortunately his night time sleep habits have gotten poor enough that we had to make a difficult choice:  give up the 1-2 hours of quiet time in the afternoon or continue to deal with a child who won't fall asleep (or stay in bed) at night until 9:30 or 10:00 every single night.  So the end of the nap it was.

The loss of nap time hasn't been as difficult for me (or Briggs) as I had thought it might be.  I have instituted "quiet alone time" each afternoon for 30-45 minutes for each kid (and their mother) to rest and refresh.  I am already enjoying the freedom that not having to schedule around a nap has allowed.  Briggs has always rolled pretty well without a nap so we have not paid too big of an evening behavioral price.  And it's incredibly refreshing to put 3 kids to bed at bedtime and have them all fall asleep immediately.

I may be mourning the loss of my school year nap time visions just a bit, but I also know that my house will be all too quiet in just a few years during the school year.  So instead of being sad to say good-bye to naps in our house, I'll enjoy our scheduling freedom this summer and instead relish in the quiet night time hours.

Briggs has already decided that he'll still sneak in a quick nap when it's needed.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Business Plans

The other day the kids were reminiscing about the time we ate at the Rainforest Café with Uncle Ethan.  Adelie said, "If I had a restaurant, it would be an Under the Sea restaurant."  Briggs piped in and said, "If I had a restaurant, it would be the Trainforest Café."

Love my little entrepreneur and his one track mind. 
(Pun intended.  :))