Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Monday, January 31, 2011

Strategic Planning?

We've had Jake and Elwood for 9 years.  And for 9 years, we've been saying the same thing.  Jake and Elwood are nice cats, but they are not too bright.  They are affectionate and social.  They love to cuddle and they generally come when they are called.  They meet us at the door when we come home, and they follow us from room to room.  They love to sit on our laps, and they never miss an opportunity to be petted.  However, they don't seem to have any capacity for learning.  After being accidentally locked in a closet for an entire day, Elwood seemed traumatized, only to run back into the same closet not 15 minutes later when the door was once again opened.  We had to lock them in the laundry room every day for a month while having a house project completed and, every day, they came running when treats were offered, only to be shocked when they were (once again) locked into the laundry room.  They still chase their own tails, and they went through a period of time when they would only drink from a drip in the bathtub faucet rather than the fresh water that Zach put into their water bowls daily.  Nice...but not too bright.  Or so we thought...

Since Staley has been born, we have had to shut Jake and Elwood out of our bedroom at night since Staley is now sleeping in there.  This has been an adjustment, as they both generally slept in our room with us before Staley was born.  Well, for the past 4 nights, around the time that we shut them out of our room, Elwood has run into our room and gotten under the bed where we can't reach him.  He slinks back in the far corner and won't come out.  We've tried calling to him, scolding him, and ignoring him.  Nothing works.  As much as I hate to admit it, this is a pretty smart plan on his part.  Maybe I wasn't giving him enough credit.  Of course, Zach has found that all he needs to do is dangle a shoe lace over the edge of the bed, move it around a little bit, and Elwood runs out from under the bed in an attempt to attack and capture the shoe lace.  So maybe Elwood's strategic plan has a minor flaw.  Regardless, they are still nice cats.  

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