Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Friday, January 21, 2011

What's In a Name?

Many people have asked us where we got the name Staley Jeanne.  Zach and I talked about baby names for many years and always had difficulty finding a middle ground.  I've always liked more original names, partly because after working with children for the last 10 years, many names already have a connotation for me.  When I'd suggest an original name, Zach would always scoff and tell me, "that's not a real name."  A few years ago, we were talking about the history of the Chicago Bears.  In 1920, when the Bear's team was first started, they were known as the Decatur Staleys.  They moved to Chicago the next year and spent one year as the Chicago Staleys before becoming the Chicago Bears the following year.  Staley is currently the name of the Bear's mascot.  In our discussion, we thought the name Staley was cute, we liked that it was original, and we liked the link to the Bears. 

Jeanne is my middle name, my mom's middle name, and my grandmother's name.  I've always heard stories about what an amazing person my dad's mom was, but she passed away before I was born.  When my mom was in high school, her dad had passed away.  In 1979, my mom's mom and my dad's dad married each other.  So growing up, I only had one set of grandparents.  My grandma Jeanne was an incredible woman.  She was a strong and independent woman, going back to school later in life to be able to support her four children after her first husband had passed away.  She had a very sweet disposition and a gentle nature. We loved to visit, knowing that we never had to worry about grandma getting mad or frustrated with us.  Unfortunately for Staley, all of my grandparents have passed away, so she will not get the chance to meet any of her great-grandparents on my side, but Staley is lucky to share part of her name with such an amazing woman.

Me at 7 months old with grandma Jeanne

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