Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Worth the Wait

Since we are starting this blog for Staley, it only makes sense that we start at the beginning so that Staley knows how much she was desired and prayed for.  Our story doesn't start 9 months ago.  It starts almost 3 years ago and it's an important part of our story as a family.  Zach and I had been married over 6 years and had enjoyed every minute of building a strong and happy marriage.  In early spring 2008 with our first Walles nephew, Elliott, on the way we decided that we were ready to add to our family as well.  We had a positive pregnancy test in August of that year, only to be devastated by an early miscarriage at 7 weeks.  Although early, the heartbreak was intense and the loss remains real.  Wanting to continue towards a family as soon as possible, I started taking Clomid (a fertility medication).  Seven months later and still no success, my doctor felt that it was time for us to see a specialist.  That's when Dr. G. entered our lives.  We began a succession of 4 intrauterine insemination attempts from June through September with each negative result more discouraging than the previous.  In December of 2009, we completed our first in vitro fertilization attempt.  We had two embryos implanted and another six were frozen for later use.  Another negative.  We implanted two of our frozen embryos in February.  Negative.  On April 15 (tax day), we implanted our final four embryos.  Eleven long days later, we got the phone call from the doctors office.  I was in tears yet again, although this time they were tears of joy.  Our pregnancy test was positive!

Throughout our years of trying, I prayed daily for the family that we would one day have.  I prayed for trust in God's plan for us, patience for the timing that was not mine, and forgiveness for the bitterness, jealousy, anger, and doubt that I felt.  Now, at this moment with Staley asleep on my chest while I type this, I can only thank God for his perfect timing.  I know this is the child he had planned for us all along.  I look at her with more love than I knew was possible.  The journey was not easy, but our Staley was worth the wait!

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  1. Thanks for daring to share your story from the beginning...she is all the more precious. *hugs*