Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Monday, March 28, 2011

And the Moral of the Story Is...

Life is not worth living unless you are beautiful.  Sound a little off-base?  I think so too.  But that is one of the lessons I learned from the book that Staley and I read tonight.

We read to Staley a lot.  A few nights ago, I noticed that we had some children's books from Zach's childhood days on a shelf in the office.  I moved them into Staley's room and we have been adding them to her story-time repertoire.  One of Zach's old books was "The Ugly Duckling" that I read to Staley tonight.  Although I know I'd heard this story as a child, I was appalled at this version of the story.  It was so horrible that I found myself laughing out loud, in a I-can't-believe-they-wrote-that-in-a-children's-book kind of way.  And since it made me laugh out loud, I thought I'd share a little of the book with you.  And I quote:

"The little duckling was so unhappy.  He had no friends.  Everyone laughed at him, EVEN HIS MOTHER."
(REALLY?  The story I remember at least had a loving duck mother.)

"He decided to run away.  'Nobody will miss me,' he said.  And nobody did."
(We can assume this includes his evil duck mother who is probably still laughing at him.  Uplifting so far, isn't it?)

"Winter came.  The days were cold, the nights were even colder, and food was very hard to find.  Now the little duckling was not only lonely, he was cold and hungry too." 
(So now we have an unloved, unwanted, cold, hungry, lonely, and depressed swan whose mother doesn't even love him or miss him.  Great children's book, right?  But the kicker came next...)

"He called to the swans.  'Please, come and kill me.  I am so ugly, and I am so lonely I do not want to live.'"

Seriously.  This was directly quoted from the book.  So now our unloved, unwanted, cold, hungry, lonely, depressed, ugly little duckling is also SUICIDAL.  What kind of book is this????  But don't worry.  Luckily our little duckling realizes that "he had changed into a beautiful swan and would never be lonely again."  Apparently as long as you are beautiful, you won't be lonely and you don't have to kill yourself.

So there you have it.  I think this was one of those books that is supposed to teach children a moral lesson.  Well, the lesson I learned tonight is never to read this book to my child again

So if anyone wants to borrow a book....

Sunday, March 27, 2011

So Big!

I had mentioned in Staley's 2 month post that I thought she had started to play 'so big', but I didn't want to be one of those over-zealous parents who think their child has skills that are merely coincidental.  Well, I can officially say that Staley has mastered 'so big'.  When we ask "how big is Staley?", she lifts up both arms and smiles.  She loves this game and will do it over and over again.  Even after we have finished playing, she will throw her arms up and look at us expectantly, waiting for the clapping and cheering.  She knows the answer without even having to be asked the question.  If that doesn't indicate true genius, I don't know what does.

So big!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Football is Serious Business

Millionaire athletes and owners squabbling over billions of dollars.  An NFL lockout.  The possibility of no 2011 NFL season.  When it comes to football right now, there is nothing to smile about.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Grabbing Life By the Tail

Instead of just swiping at toys, Staley has started to try to grasp at objects.  This is still a very new skill, so she is generally not successful.  However, she is becoming pretty consistent at grabbing the tail "feathers" of the toucan on her play mat.  Although Jake and Elwood have recommended that we discourage any and all tail pulling, Staley is very proud of her new skill...and so are we. 

And judging from the smile on the toucan's face, I don't think he minds.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Big Girl Bed

Staley slept in her crib for the first time today during her morning nap.  She still sleeps in her co-sleeper at night and generally naps in her pack and play during the day.  Sometimes I still prefer to hold her while she's napping, just because I know these days will be gone all too quickly.  As fast as time is going, Staley will be outgrowing her crib before I know it.  So today I took this picture to remember when she still looked so little in her big girl crib.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Something to Laugh About

And apparently the something to laugh about is...bugs.  We had thought we might have heard a giggle or two from Staley over the past week or so, but nothing we could positively label as a first.  Well, tonight during dinner, Staley shared her first definite laugh.  Three times!  So cute!  Unfortunately, her laughs were not in response to anything we said or did.  All the funny faces and goofy noises and play time we have shared were apparently not worthy of the first laugh.  Her first laughs were in response to 3 pastel-colored, non-moving, non-descript bugs on the mobile for her swing.

 I must not have the same depth of humor as Staley, because I've looked at these bugs many times and they have never elicited anything more than a passing smile from me.  Well, look out bugs because tomorrow I will be busting out all my favorite 'Modern Family' episodes, digging up my favorite You Tube videos, and possibly even resorting to personal injury (which always gets laughs on 'Funniest Home Videos').  I may not have gotten to be part of the first laugh, but I'm determined to fight for second.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

One Way to Get What You Want

Staley loves to have her hair washed.  She screamed through her first bath right after birth until they washed her hair.  Even during those first 2 weeks of the much-dreaded sponge baths, she would always calm down when it was hair washing time.  And even though she loves her bath time now, hair washing is still her favorite part.  She gets her bath and her hair washed every other day, which seems like plenty for a girl who doesn't yet play outside, eat real food, sweat, or engage in any other messy activities.  However, Staley has seemed to think that hair washing needs to occur more often.  I'm sure she had to ponder long and hard how to communicate this need to me.  As advanced as she is, verbal communication is still lacking.  She does not yet have the motor skills or dexterity to wash her own hair.  And I haven't quite become proficient in interpreting all the squeaks, squeals, grunts, and cries to the point where "I want you to wash my hair" is evident.  So Staley had to become creative.  Now, when I put her down on her play mat in the morning while I take my shower, she has figured out that spitting up on her mat and rubbing her head in it always results in an impromptu hair washing.  She has done this not once, not twice, but five times now (even when I've waited more than an hour after feeding her.)  You'd think there would be a better way, but I can't deny that it is effective.  My smart little girl gets what she way or another.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Staley's Busy Day

Staley got to spend some quality time on Friday with her almost 4 year old cousin, Olivia.

They held hands.

They played with rattles.

They practiced sticking out their tongues.

They played with dolls.

They read books.

They snuggled on the couch.

And after all that playing, one of them needed to rest.
Playing like a big girl is hard work!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Two Months

Staley was two months old yesterday.  Oh, how time is flying!  She weighs 10 lbs and is 22" long.  She is now in size 1 diapers, fills out her 0-3 month clothes nicely, and has even outgrown her newborn insert for her baby bathtub.  She is our smiley, happy, kicking, talking, playing bundle of joy!

Likes:  Staley still likes many of the same things--eating, bathing, diaper changes, clothing changes (really anything where she is naked), car rides, dancing, music, and reading books.  Her favorite toys are her play mat and her red/white/black ladybug rattle.  Her favorite things to watch are her mobile and the ceiling fan.  Although she seems to enjoy most music, her current favorite (that always calms her down) is Janis Joplin.  I don't find Janis Joplin's voice calming at all, but it works for Staley every time.  When we are eating, she would rather sit in her bouncy seat than her swing (although she does like both.)

Dislikes:  Staley still dislikes being hungry, cold, or having a wet/dirty diaper.  She does not like to be strapped into her carseat when it is not moving.  When going for walks when she is awake, she prefers to be held rather than in her stroller so she can see what is going on.  She generally resists taking naps when we are out or when we have company--she likes to be a part of the action.

Skills:  Staley still sleeps great at night for anywhere from 5-8 hours at a time.  She eats well and will now go about 3 hours between meals during the day (which is a huge improvement from 1 1/2 to 2 hours).  She is holding her head up well during tummy time and when upright.  She has much more control when playing and can consistently hit and kick her dangling toys over and over and over again.  Staley will sometimes roll from her stomach to her back if we position her arms underneath her so she can push up. She is starting to hold rattles that are placed in her hands and move them around.  She sucks on her hands and fingers a lot, and can almost fit her whole fist in her mouth.  She is very smiley.  She is beginning to imitate by sticking out her tongue.  In the past two days, Staley has been starting to lift up her arms for 'so big' when we do it repetitively for awhile, but I'm not sure if we can count that as a skill yet since she moves and lifts her arms a lot when we are not doing 'so big.' It sometimes seems deliberate, but it's hard to tell.  I'll be able to tell you for sure by her three month post.

From a purely unbiased and objective point of view, Staley remains the best natured, smartest, and cutest baby ever.  We couldn't love anything more!
Staley at 2 days old

Staley at 2 months old

Staley at 2 weeks old (with her Good Neighbear)

Staley at 2 months old
Good Neighbear doesn't seem to be growing as quickly!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Growing Up Together

Staley, Liam, and Elliott had a cousins playdate yesterday.  Since Staley and Liam were born on the same day, it's fun to see them grow and change together.  And Elliott was ready and willing to show his love to his cousins with gentle pats, gentle tickles, gentle hugs, and gentle kisses.  He's great at the loving part and is working on the gentle part. 

Staley and Liam at one week

Staley and Liam at almost 2 months

Elliott giving Staley gentle pats

Monday, March 7, 2011

My Competition

Most mornings when Staley is waking up for the day, Zach is already at work.  So Staley and I always have special time with just the two of us each week-day morning.  Staley will look at me and smile at me and talk to me after I feed her before we start our day.  Well, this morning, she discovered something special that was much more interesting than her mother...the ceiling fan.  Instead of looking at ME and smiling at ME and talking to ME, she focused her attention (and her smiles) at the ceiling fan.  I still talked and sang and tried to get her attention, but the most I ever got was a fleeting glance before her attention returned to her new favorite.  I knew the day would come when I'd have to fight for my daughter's attention, but I figured it would come sometime in the tween years and that I'd be competing with friends or boys or video games.  Quite the blow to my ego when I realized that my competition for my daughter's attention is a ceiling fan...and that the ceiling fan is winning.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Good Morning, Sunshine

Staley is a morning person.  (Like her father, NOT her mother!)  She generally wakes up happy and smiling in the morning.  So as she woke up smiling again this morning, we captured some very sweet moments.

Even as a chronic non-morning person, I can't help but wake up excited and happy to see this beautiful smiling face every morning.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Come On, Spring

Zach and I both love to be outdoors, and we're excited about all the fun, outdoor activities we'll be able to do with Staley.  Yesterday, we had a hint of spring with the temperature finding its way up to 64 degrees.  We had to take advantage of the heat wave, so we bundled Staley up (like we were heading into a blizzard) and took to the streets of Eureka.  Staley wasn't crazy about riding in her stroller, but once Zach took her out and carried her, she loved her walk.  She looked around and really seemed to enjoy watching the cars go by.  Of course, the temperature fell back into the 30's today, but at least now Staley has a hint of what the next few months have to offer...and we can't wait!

Bundled up and ready to go

Staley's first walk

Thursday, March 3, 2011

It Hurts

Staley will be 2 months old next week (YIKES!), and today was her 2 month check-up with her pediatrician.  As everyone with children knows, the 2 month check-up marks the beginning of the vaccinations.  Since we couldn't prepare Staley for what was going to occur, Zach and I took on the responsibility of fretting and worrying and dreading the shots for her.  Staley was wonderful throughout the whole appointment, smiling and kicking and tolerating her exam without so much as a whimper.  (For the record, she is now almost tipping the scale at double digits, weighing in at 9 lbs, 15 oz.)  After her exam, the nurse returned with one oral immunization and 3 scary shots.  Staley sucked down her oral immunization happily.  Towards the end, she spit a little of it back out while giving the nurse a great big smile.  Ornery!  Then came the shots.  Luckily the nurse was quick and efficient as she was almost on to the second shot by the time Staley realized what was happening.  She gave her best scrunched-up, red-faced scream for the next 30 seconds, but calmed down quickly once it was over and we were holding her.  It went as well as could be expected.  I know that Staley experienced the pain of the injections, but I experienced the pain of knowing my daughter was hurting.  Staley has seemed to recover from her vaccinations, but I'm still working on it. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bachelor Party

As parents, we want to give our children the best of ourselves.  We hope that they inherit our strengths and not our weaknesses.  We want to teach them important life lessons and raise them with strong morals and values.  And we hope that they accept and embrace those things in life that we are passionate about.

Staley took her first step towards this shared passion on Monday evening by attending her very first Bachelor party.  For the past 8 years, I have joined with a group of women to take part in an enlightening journey into the world of relationships...the relationship of one man and the 25 women he is simultaneously dating.  We share in the highs and the lows, the laughter and the tears, the drama and the insanity of the reality dating show, "The Bachelor."  Bachelor night has become a tradition that involves an evening of food, fun, laughter, and ridicule that always culminates in "the most dramatic rose ceremony ever."  The friendships that have grown from Bachelor night are much longer lasting than any of the relationships that the show has produced.  I hope that Staley will grow up understanding the importance of female friendships and can embrace whatever it is that brings them together.  So Staley, will you accept this lesson...and this rose?