Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

And Nobody Got Crushed

We are getting ready to embark on a big HUGE house project.  In three months time (hopefully, hopefully), our stinky, scary, wet, moldy, old house basement will be gone and a brand new, clean, fresh, finishable basement will be in its place.  And while our house and yard are being torn up, we will be adding geothermal heating and air conditioning.  Good-bye window units, hello central air!

Now if we had known that this process was feasible 5 years ago, we probably would have held off putting on a large deck and landscaping around the house.  Lucky for us, Zach's dad has a save-the-deck plan.  A good plan?  Maybe.  A safe plan?  Definitely not.  A successful plan?  That remains to be seen.

For Mark's plan, you will need:
One tow truck, two fearless men, one massive deck, and lots of ingenuity

New book idea:  The multiple uses for a flatbed

Hmmm...Zach 'holding' up the massive deck while Mark works underneath it.
Nope, nothing unsafe about that.

Well, it's out in the yard.  Now what?

Is this more or less redneck than a washing machine on the front porch?

Backyard BBQs will have to wait.

Step one complete.  The deck is off the house, in one piece, and waiting patiently in the backyard.  And, most importantly, nobody got crushed.  Now we just have the super-quick, super-easy, super-safe step of putting the deck back on the house.  What is the plan for that?  We're still not sure.  Stay tuned...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Staley's First Easter

Pretty Easter dress?

With butterflies to stare at?

Easter basket?

With something other than a stuffed rabbit?

Quality time with cousins?

Check and check.

And lots of family pictures?


A wonderful day celebrating the joy of the resurrection.  Check!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Frogs are Hilarious!

Staley has been talking and laughing a lot over the past week.  I don't always get the jokes, but life is just really amusing for Staley right now.  She has one specific toy that has always held her attention.  When she was a month old, she would always look at this particular toy, even if I'd move its position on the toy bar over her bouncy seat.  When she was two months old, Staley would just sit and smile at this toy.  And now, this same toy always makes her laugh.  We generally only put Staley in her bouncy seat during meal times, but now she is our dinner entertainment.  She will spend the entire meal talking to, squealing about, and laughing at her toy.  It's too cute!  Since this toy always seems to make Staley happy, I thought I'd help brighten your day as well.

Talk.  Squeal.  Laugh.  Enjoy!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Spitting Up

I commend you, reader, for actually choosing to read a post entitled 'Spitting Up.'  Unfortunately for you, the title isn't a fun play on words.  And there won't even be any cute pictures since spit up on the chin and a drenched onesie aren't exactly picture-perfect moments.  But now that you are in this far, you'll probably just continue reading and, in the end, question why you felt the need to read a post all about spit up.

I don't want to forget anything about Staley's life.  I want to record all her new skills, her cute expressions, her emerging personality.  Spitting up is a constant in Staley's life right now, so I feel the need to record it too.  We don't get little dribbles right after feedings.  We don't get the occasional accompaniment to a burp.  Oh no.  Spitting up is an all day, every day event.  The first time Staley got a little spit up on her outfit, I quickly changed her clothes.  I think back on that and laugh.  There are not enough outfits in her closet to continue with that trend.  Burp cloths are in constant use, blankets are necessary for floor time, and Staley has 'christened' many of those she loves.

Things that make Staley spit up:
1.  Sitting up
2. Lying down
3.  Always, always, always tummy time
4.  Being held
5. Tightening carseat straps
6.  Swinging, bouncing, dancing
7.  Being still
8.  Burping
9. Not burping
10. Putting on a super-cute outfit, getting ready to leave the house, or preparing to take pictures

Things that make Staley not spit up:
1.  Sleeping

Luckily, none of this bothers Staley.  She doesn't stop playing just because she has spit up running down her sleeve or smeared across her cheek.  She can spit up while smiling without losing the grin.  So do I have to do Staley's laundry multiple times each week?  Yes.  Do Staley and I always have a faint smell of sour milk on us?  Probably.  Does Zach spend most of his time walking around (even in public) with a burp cloth on his shoulder?  You bet.  Does any of this bother me in the least?  Not at all.  I love every little thing about my Staley, spit up and all.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Playing with Your Food

Staley has invented a new game.  It's a very cute game, but I may be encouraging bad behavior by playing along.  When Staley is eating, she is starting to take breaks to look up at me and smile.  She will eat for a few seconds, look up at me, smile really big, sometimes talk or laugh, eat for a few more seconds, look up at me, smile, talk or laugh, eat for a few seconds...  It fills my heart, and I can't help but smile and talk back.  Of course, now feeding her takes that much longer since we've turned meal time into play time.  And in a few years if my daughter is the child at a restaurant building castles out of her mashed potatoes and sword fighting with french fries, it will be all my fault.

Friday, April 15, 2011

An Official First

I never want to label anything 'Staley's First' until I am convinced that it wasn't a coincidence.  So although she's been rolling from her stomach to her back for about a month, I couldn't officially give her credit.  Initially I had to position her arms underneath her for tummy time and pushing up on her arms would cause her to roll over.  (No credit.)  For awhile, she had a strong preference to turn her head to the left during tummy time which would often cause her to tip over and roll.  (Nope.  Doesn't count.)  I've started to challenge her more during tummy time, positioning her arms out to the side so she has to pull them under herself to push up.  (Does this make me a mean mom?)  She rolled over one time like this, but I still didn't want to give her credit as I thought maybe the position I put her arms in made it too easy to pull them under herself.  (Now I'm just being picky.)  But on Wednesday I put Staley down for her nap in her crib on her stomach (don't worry back-to-sleepers...we have a movement monitor) with her arms splayed out to the side and when I went in to get her up from her nap, she was on her back smiling up at her mobile.  So I'm making it official...Staley can roll from her stomach to her back all by herself

And I know this picture has nothing to do with rolling, but I thought it was too cute not to post.
Worth the wait!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Literary Critic

We like reading to Staley, and Staley likes being read too.  She used to be pretty open to all literary styles, listening to everything from Zach's textbooks to Dr. Seuss to horrific tales of suicidal ducklings.  However, she has lately started to voice her opinion about the books we are reading.  If I start to read a book that she does not want to hear, she will immediately begin to fuss.  Now you might think that I'm giving credit where it isn't due and that Staley is just tired of reading time.  BUT...if I start another book, she will often calm down and listen intently.  I guess some days a girl just prefers "That's Not My Dragon" and really, who can blame her?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Three Months

As hard as it is to believe, our beautiful baby girl is already three months old.  And each day of the past three months has been filled with so much joy!!  Staley continues to grow and change so quickly.  She now weighs about 12 pounds.  She has almost outgrown her 0-3 month clothes and no longer uses her newborn inserts for her carseat or her swing.  Staley is still an easy-going, fun-loving, smiley, happy girl!

Likes:  Staley's likes continue to stay pretty much the same.  Naked time (baths, diaper changes, clothing changes) and eating still top the list of favorites.  Staley is a big fan of music, but Janis Joplin remains the gold standard.  Staley's current favorite books are ones with pictures of actual babies ('Baby Talk' and 'Baby, Baby').  She still loves her play mat, and her other favorite toys are her snail, her move and crawl ball, and her spinning sea animals (which all light up and play music).  Playing with her hands is also super-fun!  Staley enjoys watching her mobile and her ceiling fan, and has just started to show an interest in looking in the mirror.  With the warmer weather, Staley has been enjoying walks in her stroller and her Baby Bjorn.  Her cousins, Cade and Olivia, can always make her smile.  

Dislikes:  Again, not too much change from last month.  Being hungry, being cold, having a wet/dirty diaper, and being tired are just no fun.  With a recent cold, we've also realized that she hates having her nose sucked out.  And, if you've read her recent posts, we can also chalk up thawed milk in the 'dislikes' column.

Skills:  Staley has developed lots of new skills since last month.  She still sleeps really well at night for anywhere from 6-9 hours.  She is great at tummy time, keeping her head and chest off the ground for several minutes at a time (usually while watching one of her fun light-up toys).  She has good head control when upright and is starting to prop sit with her hands on the ground in front of her for up to 30 seconds before folding in half or tipping over.  Staley will sometimes roll from her stomach to her back when her arms are underneath her, and she rolled from her stomach to her back one time when her arms were out to the side.  She loves to hold her hands together, and is starting to bring toys to midline so she can play with them with two hands.  She is now reaching out and grabbing objects (rattles, clothes, burp cloths, books).  She can hold and shake her rattles for long periods of time, and can get them to her mouth pretty consistently.  Staley is talking a lot more now, sometimes even 'reading' along with books or 'singing' along with songs (although reading, singing, and talking all pretty much consist of a variety of vowel sounds).   Laughing is something we only hear occasionally, but I love it when she does.  Her one consistent game continues to be 'so big'.

Tummy time show-off

Sitting practice

Two handed rattle super-star

Staley on the day she was born

Staley the day before her three month birthday

Friday, April 8, 2011

Lessons Learned

Top 10 Lessons From my First Day Back at Work:

1.  I learned that after being off work for 3 months, I can fill a day with cleaning out my inbox, reading e-mails, making phone calls, scheduling patients, and getting up-dated on what I missed.  My first day of work didn't really involve too much actual work.

2.  We learned that there is a big difference between fresh milk from the refrigerator and frozen milk stored in the freezer.

3.  We learned that the difference in milk means the difference between Staley drinking from her bottle like a champ and refusing to drink from her bottle at all.

4.  We learned that when Staley is hungry and the fresh milk she desires isn't available, she has the ability to scream and cry for an hour and a half straight.

5.  We learned that frozen milk from April, although not ideal, is more tolerable than frozen milk from February.

6.  We learned that Janis Joplin calms even the hungriest and saddest of babies, thus resulting in FINALLY taking the frozen April milk from a bottle.

7.  We learned that screaming and crying for an hour and a half straight is hard work and requires a 3 hour nap to recover from.

8.  I learned that hearing my frustrated husband and screaming child on the phone was the saddest and hardest part of my return to work.

9.  We learned that morning milk drama does not ruin the whole day, and that Staley and Zach can both recover to enjoy the rest of the day together.

10.  I learned that the best part of going back to work was coming home to a smiling baby and a happy husband who both missed me while I was gone.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Please Not Yet!!

So this is it.  Today is my very last day of maternity leave...and I'm just not ready yet.

The bad news:  I officially go back to work tomorrow.
The good news:  I will only be working on Tuesdays and Thursdays, giving me five days each week to be home with Staley.
The bad news:  I will have to leave Staley all day for the first time in her life tomorrow.
The good news:  She is staying home with Zach for daddy/daughter day.
The bad news:  I will have to leave Staley all day for two days next week and every week after that.
The good news:  For the next two months, Zach will be home one day each week with Staley and she will get to spend the other day with one of her grandmas, aunts, or close family friends.
The bad news:  I officially go back to work tomorrow.

I do love my job.  I love the work I do, my co-workers, the children and families I work with.  I just love the time I spend with my daughter so much more.  A friend reminded me this week that I am setting an example for my daughter that a woman can be a mom and have a career, and truly love both.  Hopefully one day Staley is proud of the work that I do and chooses to pursue a career that she is passionate about as well.  But all that is in the future.  For now, I'm just hoping to make it through tomorrow.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Staley's Nursery

Several people have asked to see pictures of Staley's nursery.  Your wish has been granted.

Artwork courtesy of talented Uncle Evan

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hands are Awesome!

Staley has really discovered her hands in the past few days.  It's so cute to see her explore her world with her hands. 

Playing with your own hands is the toy that never goes away.

Hands are the perfect between-meal snack!

Two hands means double the fun!

I hope Staley never gets tired of holding hands with Mommy.

Hands are necessary when you want to taste your outfit.