Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Monday, April 18, 2011

Spitting Up

I commend you, reader, for actually choosing to read a post entitled 'Spitting Up.'  Unfortunately for you, the title isn't a fun play on words.  And there won't even be any cute pictures since spit up on the chin and a drenched onesie aren't exactly picture-perfect moments.  But now that you are in this far, you'll probably just continue reading and, in the end, question why you felt the need to read a post all about spit up.

I don't want to forget anything about Staley's life.  I want to record all her new skills, her cute expressions, her emerging personality.  Spitting up is a constant in Staley's life right now, so I feel the need to record it too.  We don't get little dribbles right after feedings.  We don't get the occasional accompaniment to a burp.  Oh no.  Spitting up is an all day, every day event.  The first time Staley got a little spit up on her outfit, I quickly changed her clothes.  I think back on that and laugh.  There are not enough outfits in her closet to continue with that trend.  Burp cloths are in constant use, blankets are necessary for floor time, and Staley has 'christened' many of those she loves.

Things that make Staley spit up:
1.  Sitting up
2. Lying down
3.  Always, always, always tummy time
4.  Being held
5. Tightening carseat straps
6.  Swinging, bouncing, dancing
7.  Being still
8.  Burping
9. Not burping
10. Putting on a super-cute outfit, getting ready to leave the house, or preparing to take pictures

Things that make Staley not spit up:
1.  Sleeping

Luckily, none of this bothers Staley.  She doesn't stop playing just because she has spit up running down her sleeve or smeared across her cheek.  She can spit up while smiling without losing the grin.  So do I have to do Staley's laundry multiple times each week?  Yes.  Do Staley and I always have a faint smell of sour milk on us?  Probably.  Does Zach spend most of his time walking around (even in public) with a burp cloth on his shoulder?  You bet.  Does any of this bother me in the least?  Not at all.  I love every little thing about my Staley, spit up and all.

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