Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Monday, April 11, 2011

Three Months

As hard as it is to believe, our beautiful baby girl is already three months old.  And each day of the past three months has been filled with so much joy!!  Staley continues to grow and change so quickly.  She now weighs about 12 pounds.  She has almost outgrown her 0-3 month clothes and no longer uses her newborn inserts for her carseat or her swing.  Staley is still an easy-going, fun-loving, smiley, happy girl!

Likes:  Staley's likes continue to stay pretty much the same.  Naked time (baths, diaper changes, clothing changes) and eating still top the list of favorites.  Staley is a big fan of music, but Janis Joplin remains the gold standard.  Staley's current favorite books are ones with pictures of actual babies ('Baby Talk' and 'Baby, Baby').  She still loves her play mat, and her other favorite toys are her snail, her move and crawl ball, and her spinning sea animals (which all light up and play music).  Playing with her hands is also super-fun!  Staley enjoys watching her mobile and her ceiling fan, and has just started to show an interest in looking in the mirror.  With the warmer weather, Staley has been enjoying walks in her stroller and her Baby Bjorn.  Her cousins, Cade and Olivia, can always make her smile.  

Dislikes:  Again, not too much change from last month.  Being hungry, being cold, having a wet/dirty diaper, and being tired are just no fun.  With a recent cold, we've also realized that she hates having her nose sucked out.  And, if you've read her recent posts, we can also chalk up thawed milk in the 'dislikes' column.

Skills:  Staley has developed lots of new skills since last month.  She still sleeps really well at night for anywhere from 6-9 hours.  She is great at tummy time, keeping her head and chest off the ground for several minutes at a time (usually while watching one of her fun light-up toys).  She has good head control when upright and is starting to prop sit with her hands on the ground in front of her for up to 30 seconds before folding in half or tipping over.  Staley will sometimes roll from her stomach to her back when her arms are underneath her, and she rolled from her stomach to her back one time when her arms were out to the side.  She loves to hold her hands together, and is starting to bring toys to midline so she can play with them with two hands.  She is now reaching out and grabbing objects (rattles, clothes, burp cloths, books).  She can hold and shake her rattles for long periods of time, and can get them to her mouth pretty consistently.  Staley is talking a lot more now, sometimes even 'reading' along with books or 'singing' along with songs (although reading, singing, and talking all pretty much consist of a variety of vowel sounds).   Laughing is something we only hear occasionally, but I love it when she does.  Her one consistent game continues to be 'so big'.

Tummy time show-off

Sitting practice

Two handed rattle super-star

Staley on the day she was born

Staley the day before her three month birthday


  1. Like her mommy, this child can make me lol from many, many miles away. ;) I heart staley.

  2. You forgot to list the newest piano songs that she is working on?!? I love that last picture of my favorite and cutest niece!!! :)

  3. so...if i'm looking for a maraca player, Staley's the girl to call!?

    good to know! :)