Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Monday, May 23, 2011


From the middle of May to the middle of June, Staley is going to experience a myriad of firsts.

1.  Staley went for her first run in Zach's new running stroller last week...and really enjoyed it.  She spent the first mile of the run looking around and chewing on her hands and then napped for the next three miles. We count that a success...although I'm concerned that it may take Staley awhile to get in shape if she's sleeping through her runs.

2.  Staley attended her first graduation party yesterday for our next door neighbor graduating from high school.   She was definitely giving the graduation boy some competition for 'Most Attention.'

3.  Staley posed for her first official outdoor photo shoot yesterday.  It was our third try for outdoor family pictures this spring (due to weather), it started raining 15 minutes into the shoot, Staley was tired and fussed every time we tried to set her down, and she fell asleep after about 45 minutes (of the 90 minute session.)  Success?  Here's hoping.

4.  Staley is preparing for her first sleep-over at Uma and Papa's house as we are having to move out for a few days while they unhook our water and sewer to tear out the west wall of our basement.  Staley is looking forward to staying up late, playing tea party, and eating ice cream for breakfast.  (All things I've been told happen during sleep-overs at Uma and Papa's).

5.  Staley will be taking her first road trip next week-end as we head up to Chicago for Memorial Day week-end.  Staley is a go-with-the-flow kinda gal, so here's hoping that 2 hours in the car, lots of walking the streets of Chicago, and her first night in a hotel flow just as easily.

6.  And in 2 weeks, Staley will be embarking on her first family vacation...which will include her first airline flight, her first out-of-state experience, possibly her first Elvis-impersonator sighting, and hopefully her first big win in the casino.  I'm just worried she would rather eat the poker chips than bet with them. 

Life is full of firsts, but it's so fun to watch Staley soak in the new experiences that occur on a daily basis.  She gets so excited about bath time and playing with her feet, so Chicago and Vegas might be overkill in the excitement category...but we're ready to take that chance.

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