Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

I really struggled with how to focus my Mother's Day blog post.  This day brings so many people to mind and I wanted to dedicate this post to each and every one of them.  So I am going to...

I dedicate this post to the God who blessed me with the unending joy of being Staley's mother.  For the answer to prayers, the perfect timing, the child who was planned just for us, the blessing of every day with Staley...thank you!

I dedicate this post to my mother, the woman I aspire to emulate.  My mother is the most amazingly selfless, positive, joyful, energetic, loving, accepting, understanding woman of faith that I know.  I am so blessed that this incredible woman is my mother, my role model, and my friend.  I love you, Mom!

I dedicate this post to Zach's mother.  I often hear complaints about mother-in-laws, so I feel doubly blessed that I have an easy and loving relationship with Zach's mother.  She is generous and loving, thoughtful and fun...and she has a knack for raising wonderful children!  Staley is so lucky to have an Uma who loves her so much, and I am so lucky to have not just one, but two loving families to be a part of.

I dedicate this post in memory of my grandmothers and in honor of Zach's grandmothers.  Each of  them is a strong woman who raised a beautiful family...women deserving of admiration and love.

I dedicate this post to the other 'mothers' in my aunts and my friends' mothers, women of the church and family friends.  Your influence in my life has shaped me into the woman, and the mother, that I am.

I dedicate this post to my friends and sisters-in-law who are wonderful mothers.  I count on you to answer my questions, give me advice, share my parenting journey, and teach me by example how to be a great mother.

I dedicate this post to my friends who are mothers-to-be.  I love sharing in this journey with you!

I dedicate this post to my friends who are not yet mothers.  On past Mother's Days, I have left church crying and sobbed my way out of family gatherings, finding it too hard to celebrate when all I felt was heartache and longing.  For each of you, I pray the same prayer I prayed for myself...for peace, for patience, for strength, for faith, and for the beautiful family that you will one day have. 

And finally, I dedicate this post to my Staley.  My life is forever changed, richer and fuller than I could ever have imagined.  Love has a bigger meaning to me now, and it is you!

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