Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Moving Right Along

In Staley news...

Since Staley has mastered rolling from her back to her stomach, she is now working hard on some new skills.  Sitting is hard work, but she's getting there.  Staley can sit with her hands supporting her for about a minute and can sit without her hands helping for about 5-10 seconds before falling to the side.  Staley is also starting to help open, close, and turn pages of her books.  My new favorite, though, is Staley learning to blow raspberries.  I always blow raspberries at her (because she thinks it's funny) and lately she has been trying to imitate it back. She will purse her lips together and blow (although not quite making the sound) but it is so super-cute.  We often hear her practicing this skill in her pack and play or in her co-sleeper when she wakes up.

I will admit that I'm a little torn.  I love seeing Staley learn new skills and demonstrate increasing awareness of her world, but the helpless little baby that could do nothing but sleep in my arms 4 months ago is now rolling and almost sitting.  And before I know it, she will be crawling...then walking...and then she will be in school and driving and dating and going off to college...and I will lament the fact that I blinked and she grew up.  So as much as I enjoy each and every day and try to soak it in, Staley is still growing up faster than I am ready for.

Mommy's big girl!

And in house news:

The east wall is complete and they are now working on the west wall.  Our water and sewer are still unhooked, so we have been staying with Zach's parents since Monday.  And as much as I don't want time to fly by with Staley, I feel just the opposite about the house project.  The faster, the better!  I would love to blink and realize that I have a green yard, central air conditioning, and a beautiful new basement.

On the plus side, we don't have to mow the backyard anymore.

Excavating the back and working on the west wall

Chocolate milk?  Yep--that's evidence that we are still at Uma and Papa's.

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