Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Monday, June 13, 2011

Five Months

Staley celebrated her five month birthday in Vegas!  I hope we're not setting the bar too high--if the 5 month birthday is Vegas, what's the expectation for the first year birthday?  For now, I just hope Staley remembers what home is, because we've spent the better part of this month living with family (we are now back with Zach's parents) or traveling (Chicago and Vegas).  Llike everything else in Staley's life, she has handled all the changes without a hitch.

Likes:  Staley loves new people and new places.  All the lights and activity in Vegas was right up her alley.  Some of the old favorites are still hanging on:  eating, bath time, and being naked.  Staley's current favorite toys are the stacking cups at Grammy's house, her ring rattle, and her purse rattle.  She also loves playing with (and chewing on) her feet.  Examining her hands is also a great way to pass the time, and you can't beat a good ceiling fan for some good, old fashioned fun.  Staley still likes all books, but her touch and feel and her baby books are still the faves.  Music never gets old, going for walks (especially in the running stroller) always makes her happy, and dancing time with Daddy is the best.

Dislikes:  We've discovered that Staley dislikes hand dryers in public restrooms and the electric mixer.  Other than that, the usuals:  being hungry, being cold, and being overly tired are still no fun.

Skills:  It seems like Staley has been learning new skills on a daily basis.  She is a master at rolling from her back to her stomach, although now seems to have forgotten how to roll from her stomach to her back.  (Here's hoping she doesn't keep losing skills as she gains new ones.)  She can now sit on her own without using her hands for support for up to 5 minutes at a time, falling over backward or to the sides if she reaches too far or gets too excited.  She is grabbing at everything now--toys, hair, necklaces, noses, books, blankets, silverware, her feet,...  In the past few days, Staley has started standing when we hold her up (as opposed to the noodle legs she used to have.)  Staley is making lots of cute noises, blowing bubbles with her mouth, smiling at everyone, and laughing lots.  She still sleeps like a champion at night (except in Vegas), usually sleeping 7-9 hours at a time.  Her most impressive skill, however, is filling our lives with joy every single day.

Staley at 5 months

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