Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Teething Fairy

Everyone loves the Tooth Fairy.  The cute, spritely little fairy that flits in silently in the night to leave a quater (or at least that was the going rate in my day) for a quietly sleeping child.  What could be better?  However, we've recently met the Tooth Fairy's evil twin.  The Teething Fairy is not so cute and spritely and there is definitely no silent flitting in the night.  Nope, the Teething Fairy doesn't bring quarters.  She brings drool.  Lots and lots of drool that pools on the chins of unsuspecting infants, drips onto the clothing of these infants, transfers to the hands of these sweet babies, and is subsequently wiped on tables, toys, and the faces of loving parents that get too close.  The Teething Fairy does not come when things are falling out of children's mouths...she joins the party when EVERYTHING goes into children's mouths.  And I do mean EVERYTHING...hands, toys, books, blankets, clothes, carseat straps, toes, napkins (when I set one too close), rugs,... The best part of the Tooth Fairy was that she was so quiet and spry that she could get in and out of a bedroom without causing the child to stir.  And the worst part of the Teething Fairy is that she tromps into the bedroom loudly, shaking the crib and yelling until the poor infant has no choice but to wake up (oh so sadly) from her much needed sleep that comes during nap time and bed time.  And what can a parent do at 3 a.m. but pat, console, and feed the sad infant back into slumber-land, hoping against hope that the Teething Fairy has had her fun and will not least for another few nights.

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