Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Friday, July 1, 2011

Frustrated...and Tired

It's hard for me to write this post now (with my adorable baby napping sweetly after I've enjoyed her smiles and coos all morning) with the same frustration I was feeling at 9:30 last night...or 1:30 a.m....or 6:30 a.m.  Staley is smart...and we love that she is smart.  We just don't want her to use her intelligence against us.  And that is exactly what she is doing.

Staley has been waking more at night (those darned teeth), but we've been quicker to comfort her and feed her in the night as:
 1.) We do not want her to wake her grandparents (with whom we are STILL living)
 2.) Her pack and play is right next to our bed, making it more difficult not to intervene. 

Well, Staley has now figured out that crying at night = attention.  Staley used to go to bed without so much as a whimper.  If she would wake up in the night, she would fuss for a bit and then put herself back to sleep.  Over the past week or so, Staley has put up more of fight about going to bed and about soothing herself back to sleep.  Even with a full belly and tired eyes, she will start to cry even before her body hits the pack and play.  We generally let her fuss for a bit until her fussing escalates into "I'm-being-tortured" screams.  The first few times, I thought there must be something wrong.  Maybe her teeth really hurt.  Maybe she's too cold.  Maybe she's too hot.  Maybe her diaper is full.  I think something must be bothering her...until I lift her out of the bed and she immediately stops crying.  Put her in bed.  Scream.  Take her out.  Quiet.  It would almost be a funny game if it wasn't happening when all I want to do is go back to sleep.  This is obviously a bad habit that we need to address, but it seems that we will have to give in to her for a few more nights (as we have a tentative return home date of Tuesday).  So, for the time being, I'll just have to remain frustrated...and tired!

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