Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Saturday, September 24, 2011

"More, Please"

This is Staley's new favorite phrase.  Can she say it?  Nope.  But can she sign it?  You bet!  Staley now officially understands and uses the sign for 'more' consistently. (We just add the please to hopefully start some early lessons in manners).  She doesn't even need prompting.  Once a bite of food has entered her mouth or the last Cheerio has been eaten off her tray, she's signing for 'more' before she has even finished swallowing.  Eating is good motivation when teaching her to sign since eating remains one of her favorite activities.

And along with her official first sign, we've come to a consensus and declared 'mama' Staley's first word.  She still doesn't always use it in context, but she has become more consistent crying it when I walk away or saying it when looking at me.  I still wasn't convinced (I'm a stickler about being absolutely sure before declaring a 'first'), but Zach was ready to make it official.  (And who am I to complain about my daughter's first word being 'mama'?)  She has also said 'up' several times when playing a game where she stands up and then plops down, and she said 'Papa' a few times one day when her Papa Sancken was over.  And 'uhmah' or 'mum' are frequently paired with the sign for 'more', so that one is getting close.  Staley is so alert and interested in her world, and it will be fun when she can share more of her thoughts with us.  But she can already share one thought--'more food, please'--and that's a good start.

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