Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Washington, DC

We had 4 flights, 5 hours of layovers, and 68 hours of quality time to spend in DC.  How much vacation can one accomplish is a mere 68 hours?  LOTS!

Staley did GREAT for 3.75 of our 4 flights.  The 15 minutes of crying/screaming before falling asleep on the Washington to Chicago flight was not so fun.

We got to visit with our friends Christie and Jonathan while squeezing in every ounce of sightseeing possible.  In our short time in DC, we were able to stroll on the mall, see the monuments, giggle at Christie and Jonathan's dog, visit Arlington National Cemetary, cheer on the Gamecocks, browse the American History Museum, play with cups and spatulas, eat out, check out the Archives, break in baby Ray's baby gear, catch a chick flick in the theater, nap, grill steaks, drive by the White House, and still squeeze in late night video games.  To fit in all our activities, we occasionally had to divide and conquer.  For example, the chick flick and the late night video games were more gender specific activities.  But playing with the spatula and cup...well, those provided hours of fun for everyone!  

Strolling along to see some monuments

Spending some quality time with Abe

More scenic monument viewing

The spatula and cup game ROCKS!

So does Uncle Jonathan!

Washington, DC makes me happy!

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