Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nine Months

Yes, she is.  As hard as it is to believe (and trust me, it's hard), my baby girl is already nine months old.  At her 9 month check-up this morning, she weighed in at 17 lbs, 14.5 oz (33rd percentile) and was 26.75 inches long (23rd percentile).  She is in her size 3 diapers and her 6-9 month clothes.  She shows off her 5 teeth when she smiles.  She now takes her baths in the big tub, eats her meals in her high chair, and thinks she's big stuff riding in shopping carts.  Staley nurses 4 times a day, eats 3 meals, takes 2 naps, and sleeps for 10-11 hours at night (8 pm-6:30 am).

Likes:  Staley is still a very happy baby.  She likes being around people, especially other kids.  She enjoys swinging at the park, going for walks/runs in her stroller, looking at animals, and watching parades.  Wind in her face apparently is a great feeling.  And, of course, she loves to smile and wave to the cute baby in the mirror.  Her favorite toys are her activity table, her toy kitchen, her Little People Noah's Ark, and her monkeys in a barrel.  She still is most interested in 'toys' that don't belong to her--cell phones, laptops, magazines, sunglasses, CD cases.  And much to my delight, reading remains a favorite activity (both by herself and with us).  Staley loves all her books, but ones with babies and animals still seem to be the best.  Staley is a good eater, and favorite foods include fruits, Cheerios, Puffs, and toast.  (Like her mom, Staley doesn't love her veggies.)  She gets giggly with tickling, peek-a-boo, and when Daddy acts crazy.  Mommy and Daddy remain her two favorite people, and Jake and Elwood remain her two favorite cats.

Dislikes:  Staley is getting a little more vocal about things she doesn't like.  She is primarily fussy when she is tired or hungry.  She does not like being strapped in her carseat, getting dressed or undressed, lying down for diaper changes, going down for naps, or having her face wiped off after meals.  Veggies (especially broccoli) often get spit out, and meat hasn't been a big hit either.

Skills:  Staley is making changes on a daily basis.  She is now forwardly mobile, doing her inchworm crawl--hands and knees, hands and feet, lunge forward onto stomach, repeat.  She can transition from sitting onto her hands and knees, and is getting close to transitioning from hands and knees into sitting.  She tries to pull up to stand, but still needs a little help.  She loves to stand, and is starting to practice lifting one leg and then the other, although she doesn't actually go anywhere.  Staley is getting good at opening and closing things, putting toys in and taking them out, and activating her toys.  She can activate push buttons on her pop-up toy and on her toy kitchen consistently.  She picks up small objects with her thumb and index finger, and loves to examine tiny things (like pieces of hair, fuzz balls, lint--it's amazing what she finds!).  She feeds herself Cheerios/Puffs/toast (and the occasional leaf, stick, or carpet fuzz), and will hold her own sippy cup to drink.  Staley has perfected the art of removing her socks and hair bows, which also apparently taste very good.  Staley will sign 'more' and 'drink'.  Her current favorite word to say is 'up', although not always used in context.  She will also say 'mama' and 'mum' (for more), although not as consistently as she used to.  Staley has also said 'hi', bye', 'kitty', 'book', 'bath', 'papa', and 'apple', in context but not consistently.  She LOVES to wave.  She still claps, plays 'so big', and covers her face for peek-a-boo.  Her understanding is amazing to me.  She knows that bows and hats are on her head (because when you say the word, she reaches up to her head.)  She knows apple is fruit (because when eating fruit she will say 'apple' if she wants more.)  She knows that signing 'more' gets her something she wants.  Telling her it's nap time will sometimes prompt crying.  And I love when I ask for a hug and Staley puts her head on my shoulder.  I sometimes feel sad at how quickly Staley is growing up, but a sweet head on my shoulder and a toothy grin makes my heart fill with joy...every time.

My 9 month old girl

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