Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Friday, October 28, 2011

One Step Forward

Although Staley has yet to discover how to make her arms and legs work together for crawling, she has realized that the legs working alone are easier to control.  So what is Staley's new favorite activity?  Walking!  (With help, of course.)  She is still doing her inchworm crawl, although much faster and more efficiently.  She is almost transitioning into sitting and pulling to stand, but she still needs a little help.  But really, who needs those foundational skills?  Walking is way more fun!!

Notice the look of intense concentration.

With her walking toy, Staley will walk across the living room (about 6-7 feet) with someone keeping her walking toy from getting away from her.  She's not a speed walker and she occasionally steps on her own feet or stops to wave at the cats, but she loves to practice. And although as an occupational therapist, I should probably insist on equal practice time for her crawling and pulling to stand, when Staley looks at her stroller, signs 'more', and says 'up', I just can't help myself.  I guess proud mom trumps practical therapist this time. 

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