Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ten Months

The last ten months have just flown by.  Staley is over 18 lbs of pure joy!  She wears her size 3 diapers, her 6-9 and 9-12 month clothes, and her size 2 baby shoes.  We had to move her crib mattress down and baby proof our house.  Staley still (usually) takes 2 naps, eats 3 meals, nurses 4 times, and sleeps about 11 hours at night (8 pm to 7 am). 

Likes:  Staley likes going out--shopping, out to eat, to church, to the library, to the grocery store.  She just loves being around people.  She still plays with her toys, but her current favorite activities are pulling to stand (on anything), walking with her stroller or our hands, and cruising along furniture.  Favorite toys are her activity table, her stroller, and her Noah's Ark (although she still loves cell phones, remotes, and computers as well.)  Her absolute favorite thing to play with right now is books.  Her bath books, her 'So Big' book, and her set of 12 miniture books that come in a box with a handle are top of her list.   Favorite foods include most fruits (except bananas and pumpkin), Cheerios, Puffs, pancakes, grilled cheese, and soup.

Dislikes:  Staley does not like vegetables, cottage cheese, pasta, or eggs.  She can get upset about nap time, and occasionally diaper changes and clothing changes are a bit traumatic.

Skills:  Staley is on the move.  She still inchworm crawls and rolls, but also loves to pull to stand, cruise along furniture, and walk with assistance.  She transitions into and out of sitting like a pro.  Staley has recently learned to point at things with her index finger, and she has several books where she will point out objects (primarily animals.)  She is very proficient at pushing buttons (on toys, cell phones, and remotes.)  She can activate two of the levers on her pop-up toy.  She loves to put things into containers and hand things to people.  Staley has an ever-growing vocabulary of words.  Her two favorite words right now are 'up' and 'book.'  She also says 'daddy', 'mama', 'kitty', 'apple', 'yes', and 'hi' regularly without prompting.  We have also heard her say 'bath', 'nap', 'bug', 'ball', 'bye', 'papa', 'bow', and 'more' in context.  (She's big on the 'b' and 'p' words.)    She still signs 'more' and 'drink.'  Staley also understands so much--too much to even put it all into a blog post!  Some of the highlights:  she 'answers' the questions of 'what does the fish say?', 'what does the snake say?', 'where's your tummy?', 'how big are you?', 'where does a hat go?', 'where's mommy's/daddy's nose?'.  She holds out her hands to clean them after meals, puts away her toys when we sing the 'clean up' song, gives hugs, dances (by bouncing up and down), claps, waves, and gives 'high fives'.  With her Noah's Ark animals, she can correctly identify them most of the time by grabbing the one we ask for and handing it to us.  It's just incredible to me that our tiny, helpless baby was born into the world and 10 months later, she is mobile and talking and truly understanding so much.  What a miracle she is!!!

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