Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cuz It's Fun

Because Staley's day care provider was on vacation this week, she spent Tuesday with her Uma (Grandma Sancken) and today with her Grammie (Grandma Walles) while I was at work.  To add to the excitement of spending time with her grandmas, Cade (Staley's 7 year old cousin) was at Uma's house all day on Tuesday and Elliott (Staley's 3 year old cousin) was at Grammie's house all day today.  So Staley soaked up quality time with her cousins.

Apparently she just couldn't get enough of them.  She played with them and watched them play and followed them around all day  On Tuesday morning, she reportedly was having a blast bouncing on the bed upstairs with Cade.  After her nap later that afternoon, Staley was playing downstairs with Cade and Uma.  She crawled over to the stairs, signed 'more', and said 'bounce.'  So when Zach showed up to pick her up, she and Cade were bouncing on the bed, and Staley was squealing and laughing and didn't want to leave. And according to Grammie, the last word Staley said before her nap today was 'Ayet' (Elliott) and the first word she said upon waking up from her nap was 'Ayet.'  I'm so glad that Staley loves her cousins and had so much fun with them.  My only disappointment is that I didn't get the joy of watching them together.

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