Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Monday, December 12, 2011

Eleven Months

 My baby girl will be a year old next month.  I can't believe it!!  At 11 months, Staley weighs around 20 lbs.  She is starting to outgrow her 6-9 month clothes.  She still wears her size 3 diapers and her 6-12 and 9-12 month clothes.  Staley eats 3 meals (with her 8 teeth), nurses 3 times, takes 1 nap, and sleeps for about 11 hours at night (8 pm-7 am).

Likes:  Staley is still social and likes being around other kids.  She loves water--bath time and swimming are great fun!  She loves to explore, eat things she finds on the floor, and pull things off shelves.  Her favorite activities are emptying her dresser drawers, playing with refrigerator magnets, looking at books, and playing hide and seek.  Her favorite toys (apart from anything in my purse) are her Little People toys, her mega blocks, and her balls.  She still LOVES all her books.  Current favorites include:  'Good Night, Gorilla', 'Baby Play Things', and any book with pictures of cats, balls, or kids.  Favorite foods remain Cheerios, Puffs, fruits (peaches, pears, apples, prunes), soup, pancakes, and grilled cheese.  Staley still gets very excited about Jake and Elwood, she is intrigued with our Christmas tree, and her favorite people in the world are Mommy and Daddy.

Dislikes:  Staley does not like vegetables or eggs.  She is starting to exhibit some stranger anxiety.  (Just ask Santa.)  She can get fussy about diaper and clothing changes, although gets over it quickly if she has something to hold or play with.  (Her Desitin is always a super-fun distraction.)  Being strapped in her carseat for too long is no fun.  And 'no' is her least favorite word!

Skills:  Staley amazes us on a daily basis.  She is a crawling champion, can crawl up stairs, pulls to stand, and cruises along furniture.  She will even let go when standing and stand alone for a few seconds.  Staley is starting to enjoy pointing and poking with her index finger.  She loves to gently touch the Christmas tree and Christmas ornaments, point at things in her books, and poke her finger in holes (which is why we have to make sure all the outlets are covered.)  She loves to put things in and take things out.  She is good at activating cause and effect toys, and loves to lift flaps, pull tabs, and push buttons in her books.  Staley is talking up a storm with 36 words and 4 signs.  Her favorite words remain 'up', 'book', and 'hi.'  Staley loves to imitate what we do and say.  She understands much of what we tell her.  She can identify or point to objects in books and pictures.  She can follow directions that we give her, like 'get your ball' or 'give me your bow' or 'put that toy in.'  She can identify her own toes, tummy, and nose.  She can identify eyes, nose, mouth, and ears on someone else.  She can tell us what the fish say, what the snake says, what the bunny does, and what the ladybug does.  She can give five, give hugs, dance,  blow kisses, do actions to 'Itsy Bitsy Spider', and raise the roof.  But the one skill I would list as my absolute favorite is the way she fills each and every one of my days with joy.

Eleven months of joy!

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