Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Staley's First Christmas

I love Christmas.  And I love Staley.  So, of course, I LOVED Christmas with Staley.  We celebrated on Christmas Eve with Zach's family, Christmas morning at home, Christmas afternoon with my family, and the day after Christmas with the extended Sancken family.  It was a lot of Christmas, but Staley enjoyed it all.

Staley always loves spending time with family.

Cousin pictures are not always perfect...

especially when the cousins are distracted by ornaments.
Waterskiing with Papa is high excitement.

Spending time with Great Grams is always fun.

And although getting presents was good, the best part was...

...the unwrapping

...and playing with (or eating) the wrapping paper.

And even though Christmas was busy, Staley still found time to enjoy her presents.

Staley shared some literary time with Jake.

Staley was big stuff with her new table and chairs.

Beep, beep.  She's on the move.

And even new clothes can be fun.

Staley's first Christmas was great!  Family time.  Wrapping paper.  Lights.  New books, new toys, new clothes.  Christmas trees.  Did I mention wrapping paper?  There are so many things to love about Christmas...and now Staley loves them too. 


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