Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

No Means...Maybe?

Staley understands the word 'no.'  And to make sure that I realize that she knows, she will now tell herself 'no.'  Staley will crawl over to the DVD shelf, sit in front of it, look at me, and shake her head 'no.'  She will reach out, touch a DVD, pull her hand back, look at me, and shake her head 'no.'  She does the same thing with her wipes warmer.  She will open the top, close the top, look at me (because I think if I wasn't watching, she'd probably go ahead and empty it), and then shake her head 'no.'  Over and over again.  Eventually she'll take it a step farther (like pulling out one wipe and grabbing one DVD), I think just to test me--to make sure that it's still an off-limits activity.  (And it is.)

Staley is also starting to test some limits at meal time.  When she is done eating what's on her tray, she will grab a piece of her food, hold it over the edge of her tray, and look at me and smile. If I ask her to hand it to me, she generally will.  Otherwise she'll smile at me as she opens her hand and lets the food fall to the floor.  She does it with such a cute expression on her face that it's hard to stay stern.  But since Staley is testing the limits, we have to stay firm and remind her that no means no...not maybe.

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