Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Word Explosion

Staley is talking up a storm, adding more words to her vocabulary on a daily basis.  Zach and I sat down tonight and wrote out the list of words that Staley says.  By our best count, Staley currently has 31 words and 4 signs in her vocabulary, about 25 of which she uses consistently and spontaneously.  Now some of her words may sound the same--'hi' and 'hide', 'dog' and 'duck', 'up' and 'apple'-- and some have her own special pronounciation--'bose' for 'toast', 'Ayet' for 'Elliott', 'yaish' for 'yes'.  Many can only be understood in context.  I will spare you the entire list, but Staley's favorite words remain 'up', 'book', and 'hi'.  She must be partial to the men in her life because Mama is the only female on her word list, while Daddy, Papa, Gabe (her friend at daycare), Elliott (her cousin), Cade (her other cousin), and Jake (our cat) all made the cut.  And although I'm not sure how useful this is in daily language, Staley will say 'burp' after she burps, which I find very amusing.  Her two new signs (along with 'more' and 'drink') are 'help' and 'please.'  And when all else fails, Staley will try to get her point across by yelling or screaming.  When she does this, we tell her 'use your words.'  And although they may not cover all the bases, she does have 31 to choose from. 

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