Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Go Socks!

Staley loves socks.  Yes, socks.  She has an indefinable infatuation with them.  Like most little ones her age, she is constantly removing her socks.  However, that is just the beginning.  She then keeps a tight grip on them, showing them to people, talking about them ('ots, ots'), and tasting them.  She can often be seen crawling around the house with one sock in each hand.  And not just her own socks.  Oh no.  Daddy's dirty socks she finds on the floor or clean socks she steals from the laundry basket are just as fun.  What the appeal is, I can't be sure.  But there is true excitement in her voice and an urgency in her crawl when she sees socks.

When Staley wakes up in the morning or wakes up from her nap, she usually has 5-10 minutes of play time in her crib (as we make sure she is truly awake and not going to fall back asleep) before we go get her up.  We can usually hear her happily talking and playing in her crib.  Invariably when we go in to get her up, she has both socks off and is holding them proudly.  Generally her first word to us is not 'hi', not 'up', not 'mama/daddy'.  Nope, her first word of the day is generally 'ots' as she is excitedly showing us her prized possessions.  Zach went in to check on Staley before going to bed the other night.  She was sleeping soundly with both socks removed, clutching one in each hand.  And after her nap a few days ago, I was listening to Staley happily talk and play in her crib while I finished unloading the dishwasher.  All of a sudden, Staley began crying loudly, which is very unlike her.  I hurried upstairs to find Staley reaching both arms through the rails of her crib, crying as she peered forlornly down at her socks that she had dropped on the floor.

I know that all kids have their favorite toys.  Trains.  American Girl Dolls.  Video games.  Dollhouses.  Bikes.  If I had to determine my criteria for the perfect 'favorite toy', it would be something safe, cheap, and quiet that does not require batteries, does not take up lots of room, and is easy to replace if needed.  I guess Staley and I can agree.  Socks are winners!!

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