Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Things She Knows

Warning:  Proud parent alert.  Some may view this post as bragging, which I find a very unattractive trait.  But I don't see it as bragging.  I see it as documenting Staley at this point in time so that I can look back and remember what my Staley was like at 13 1/2 months.  But if you find bragging unattractive and are worried that this post may mar your opinion of us, please skip this post and check back later when I'm writing about my daughter throwing food on the floor, telling me 'no', or being dramatic about diaper changes.

Each and every day with Staley brings us new insight into how her mind is constantly working.  She takes in so much of what is going on around her.  When Zach comes home from work, I always have my list of new things that Staley is doing/understanding/saying to share with him.  And Staley gets so excited about learning new things.  You can just see the pride in her smile when she understands something new.  I hope this joy in learning continues as she grows. 

So, just like I have my list to share with Zach each day, here is my list for you:

1.  Staley knows her body parts.  Head, hair, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, belly/tummy, arms, hands, legs, feet, toes, bottom.
2.  Staley knows her princesses.  She just has 2 books (each only 4 pages long) that have Disney princesses, but she knows (and says) Belle, Tiana, and Aurora.
3.  Staley knows farm implements.  Now when she watches her baby Einstein farm video, she points out  (and names) the tractor, barn, combine, and plow.
4.  Staley knows her animal sounds.  She makes the sounds (or her sounds, anyway) for dog (woof and bow wow), cats, cow, horse, sheep, chicken, rooster, duck, owl, lion, tiger, monkey, fish, snake, bunny (hop, hop), 3 singing pigs (la, la, la).
5.  Staley knows her animals.  She can name a wide assortment of animals in her books, including things like turtle, turkey, shark, llama, mole, hippo, and hyena.  Yes, hyena.
6.  Staley can count to 10.  True, sometimes she skips 5 and 7-9.  But really, I've always thought 5 was over-rated.
7.  Staley knows some of her letters.  She now knows S, O, A, H, L, R, E, C, T, B, although E, T, and B still get confusing sometimes.
8.  Staley knows random objects.  She asks for shampoo, deodorant, pictures, keys, backpack, piano, Bible, jeans, belt, glasses, camera (which she just calls 'cheese'), and phone (which she still calls 'hello, hello').  She labels things in her books like dump truck, fire truck, bus, yo-yo, sky, pumpkin, trophy, and Urlacher.
9.  Staley knows a few colors.  When she colors with her crayons, she always asks for black and brown.  These are the only two colors she consistently knows.  So if you get a drawing from Staley, please excuse the dark palate.
10.  Staley knows that we think she is amazing.  And it's not because she talks a lot or knows so much or brightens our days.  It's because she's Staley. She's God's answer to our prayers.  She's our daughter.  And that's all that really matters.

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  1. I doubt that staley will ever tell you no or be dramatic.