Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Little Jokester

Staley has officially made her first joke.  It may not make you laugh out loud, but it amuses Staley each and every time she tells it (which is quite often).  And who can resist smiling along when someone truly gets enjoyment out of their own joke?  So here it is:

Staley:  Uma.  Puppy.
Me:  Does Uma have a puppy?
Staley:  (Big smile and little head shake)  No.

Staley:  Papa. Puppy.
Me:  Does Papa have a puppy?
Staley: (Big smile and little head shake) No.

Staley:  Susan [her baby-sitter].  Puppy.
Me: Does Susan have a puppy?
Staley:  Yes!

Then we go through Christian/puppy and Taylor/puppy (Susan's kids who, in Staley's eyes, also have ownership of the puppy), and then we start again with Uma and Papa.  Hilarious, isn't it???  But one of the great things about this joke is that you can expand your joke repetoire with simple variations. Staley has already produced her own variation.

As I've mentioned previously, Staley always associates her cousin, Cade, with basketball.  She got to watch him play in several basketball games and clearly thinks he's the next Michael Jordan.  Everytime she mentions Cade, she mentions basketball as well.  The other day, she turned this into her next little joke.

Staley:  Olivia.  [Her cousin and Cade's sister].  Basketball.
Me:  Does Oliva play basketball?
Staley:  (Big smile and little head shake.)  No.

Staley:  Lila.  [Cade's other sister].  Basketball.
Me:  Does Lila play basketball?
Staley:  (Big smile and little head shake.)  No.

And so it goes.  Humor abounding at the Sancken house.  So the next time you need to lighten the mood or liven up a party, feel free to mix it up with Staley's joke recipe.  I know at least one little girl who will be thoroughly amused!

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  1. Well personally I think it's hilarious! I mean, Lila playing basketball? Really? The child can't even walk. And can you see Uma with a puppy? I don't think you are giving Staley enough credit. I think she may even be using a little sarcasm there. I knew she was my favorite niece.