Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Saturday, March 31, 2012

St. Louis...In Staley's Own Words

We all had a WONDERFUL time on our mini-vacation to St. Louis this week.  The Botanical Gardens, Forest Park, Purina Dog Farms, the zoo, the carousel at the zoo, eating out, swimming at our hotel, visiting with friends and family,...  Did I mention the carousel at the zoo?  There were so many highlights.  To share our trip, enjoy these photos of Staley's highlights and captions (in Staley's own words)...

Flower.  Touch.  Gentle.

(See previous caption.  I couldn't decide between the two 'touching' pictures.  Staley loved gently touching all the flowers.)

Sheep.  Baaa.  Pet.
(We had to find these sheep again at the Botanical Gardens when Staley couldn't stop talking about them.)

Chair.  Sit.  Please. 
(This girl loves to try out any chair/bench/couch that she sees.  Worked out nicely that this one was already set up for a photo op.)

Bunny.  Treats.  Dance.
(The Easter bunny at the mall danced for Staley and gave her treats.  Now every Easter Bunny she sees is a dear friend.  MUCH better than scary old Santa.)

Swimming.  Splash.  Ethan.
(The last time we went swimming, it was with her friend Ethan.  Now swimming is forever linked with Ethan.)

Hi.  Baby.  (And of course...) Chair.  Sit.  Please.
(Looking like a big girl next to 7 month olds Maddy and Mason.)

Train.  Choo choo.  People.  Hi.
(Staley LOVED riding the train and waving/saying 'hi' to the people on the train everytime we saw it go by.)

And the award for best part of vacation goes to...

Carousel.  Puffin.  Up.  Down.  MORE!

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