Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Friday, April 13, 2012

Fifteen Months

I stopped doing month-by-month posts after Staley turned one, but Staley went for her 15 month check-up today, so I figured a 15 month up-date was in order.  My Staley is now weighing 22 lbs, 1 oz (38th percentile--I could have sworn she weighed more!) and is 31" (68th percentile).  She is a good eater, sleeps from 8-7 daily, and takes an afternoon nap.  She still only has her front 8 teeth, but is really working on her 4 molars.

Likes:  My Staley is still a happy-go-lucky, finding-fun-in-everything kind of girl.  There is so much that she enjoys that it is hard to make a list.  She LOVES playing outside.  Bubbles, balls, and sidewalk chalk are great!  She loves all her toys, but has lately been showing more of an interest in blocks and puzzles.  Books and balls are still at the top of her favorites list.  Staley loves swimming and bath time, going for walks, swinging at the playground, going on outings, and being around other people.  She loves playing with other kids!!  New loves include finding Easter eggs (which we've been doing around the house A LOT this week), riding carousels, and helping around the house.  Staley is a good eater, so it's hard to list favorite foods but she LOVES fruit.  Other favorites include goldfish crackers, graham crackers, fish, brats, pancakes, and (sadly) french fries.

Dislikes:  Staley does not like to take time out of her busy schedule for diaper changes or clothing changes.  Being strapped into her carseat without something to read/play with can get old.  Staley can be dramatic about putting away favorite toys, getting out of the bath, or saying 'good-bye' to friends.  She would rather walk than be carried.  However, Staley remains generally good-natured and her 'drama' only happens occasionally and is short-lived.

Skills:  Staley is a full-fleged walker.  She never crawls anymore, although she still walks like she's had a few too many.  She crawls up stairs and can turn around to crawl down stairs (with close supervision).  She is learning to climb onto furniture, and loves to climb on and off her little chairs.  Staley is starting to put pieces into simple puzzles (or at least partially in the correct spot).  She can activate all the levers on her pop-up toy, stacks 3-4 objects on top of each other, loves to scribble on paper, and can put shapes into her shape sorter.  Staley likes to put on her own hats. She is improving with feeding herself with a spoon, and is starting to try to use a fork.  She likes to help brush her teeth (although sometimes just ends up sucking off the toothpaste) and loves to wash her hands in the big sink.  She will also wipe off her face and her highchair tray after meals, and puts her cup in the dishwasher.  Staley talks all the time and I can understand MOST of what she says.  She has hundreds of words, and is consistently putting 2-3 words together.  She knows her full name and how old she is.  She can count to 12, identifies about 13 upper case letters, knows all her body parts, and asks for most of her books by name.  She can often finish sentences in her books and songs.  Staley understands most of what we tell her, and she knows the rules. (Not that she always follows them, but at least she knows them.)   She consistently uses please and thank you, gives wonderful hugs and kisses, is a super-cute dancer (think lots of arm swinging), and makes friends wherever she goes.  Staley amazes me on a daily basis, but what's most amazing is how full she makes our lives and how much joy she brings.  I truly LOVE spending time with my baby girl--I just can't get enough!!

Staley at 15 months

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