Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Sunday, April 22, 2012

When Staley Grows Up

It's sometimes fun to think about what Staley might choose to be when she grows up.  Based on her current interests and skills, Staley may be...

1.  A sports announcer.  She loves to watch and talk about basketball, baseball, football, soccer, and track meets.
2. An artist.  She always asks to 'dot, dot, color, color' in her playroom, with the pens she finds in my purse, and on the driveway.
3.  A book critic.  She LOVES books, but is very specific about which book she wants to read.  Although based on some of her current favorite books that we read over and over and over, I'm not sure I would trust her judgment. 
4.  A housekeeper or a housewife.  Staley loves to help out with domestic chores.
5.  A back-up dancer in music videos.  Anytime Staley hears music, she has to dance.
6.  A saleswoman.  Staley has no qualms about walking up to a complete stranger, saying 'hi', and winning them over with her smiles and her charm.
7.  A treasure hunter/bounty hunter.  Staley truly enjoys playing hide-and-seek (as the all-time seeker) and looking for her Easter eggs.  She's getting pretty good at both.
8.  A veterinarian (or a zookeeper or a pet shop owner or a farmer or a safari guide).  Staley LOVES animals.
9.  Talk show host.  Staley is always talking, and she tells a pretty good story.  A few of her current favorites:  "Races.  Running.  Tay-tay.  Boom"  (Staley got to watch part of a track meet where her baby-sitters daughter, Taylor, was competing.  They shot a gun to start the races.)  "Family walk.  Vicki.  Lilac."  (When going on a family walk after dinner one night, our neighbor Vicki gave Staley a clipping of lilac.)  "Daniel.  Riding bike.  Wheee."  (Staley's little neighbor friend just learned to ride his 2-wheeled bike.  Apparently it looks like lots of fun.)
10.  A shoe designer.  Staley loves to try on all her pairs of shoes.  She will bring them out of her closet one at a time, and spend 15 minutes having me put on and take off various pairs of her shoes.
11.  The next Vanna White.  Staley and her obsession with letters continues.  Wheel of Fortune seems like the perfect fit.
12.  Accountant.  Staley loves a-counting.
13.  A dolphin trainer.  Swimming + dolphins + balls = awesome.
14.  All-time, official carousel rider.  I'm not sure how well this pays, but what could be better???
15.  Stay-at-home daughter...because although it's fun to look at Staley's future and know that her possibilites are endless, it's not fun to think about Staley ever leaving home without us.

And we can be fairly certain that Staley will not be a groundskeeper, a bathroom hand dryer repair woman, or a starving-herself-to-stay-thin model.

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