Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Monday, May 7, 2012

New Loves

Things that Staley has recently discovered she loves:

1.  Stomping and splashing and playing in puddles.  Grass is still not her favorite, but she has no problem sitting down in the middle of a muddy puddle.  From a laundry perspective, I would prefer grass.

2.  Painting.  It's serious business.

3.  'Helping' wipe during diaper changes.
4.  Looking on the back of her books to see pictures of other books...and then requesting those other books at the library. 

5. Playing with my underwear. She will walk into my room, point at my underwear drawer, and ask for my underwear by color. 'Black underpants.' 'Pink underpants.' 'Blue underpants.' She generally needs two pairs before she is satisfied.  Carrying it around and putting it on her head like a hat are current favorite activities. (I should have a picture of this, but I don't yet.)

6.  Reaching previously unreachable items.

7.  Her princesses.  Staley has a set of 7 miniture Disney princesses.  They are her current favorites, and they are the perfect size to take in the carseat, to restaurants, or to the baby-sitters.  She loves to make them jump up and down, and make them dance.  She also likes to have Zach and I kiss them.  'Daddy.  Kiss Belle.'  'Mommy.  Kiss Tiana.'  Hours of fun for the whole family.

8.  Blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries.  In fruit salad, she asks for each berry specifically by name.  My fruit-loving girl LOVES her berries.

9.  Watching 'Staley Movies' that we take on the video camera.  It makes it harder to take videos now, because Staley will stop what she's doing to request 'Watch.  Staley movie.' 

10.  Her raincoat.  Staley has several really cute spring coats, but rain or shine, she ALWAYS wants to wear her raincoat.  

Staley is always discovering new things she loves and enjoys doing.  Lucky for me, I already know what I love more than anything else... wonderful baby girl!

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