Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Teeth, Time, Singing, and State Farm

So what do these 4 things have in common? 

Staley has a new tooth.  FINALLY!  After a few months of working on her molars, her bottom left molar has broken through.

And speaking of new-ness, Staley has a new skill.  Singing.  She sang her very first song today--a Staley version of 'Happy Birthday.'  Unfortunately, it seems that Staley may have inherited the Walles musical ability.  On the plus side, off-tune singing for a 15 month old is adorably sweet.

Adorably sweet, you say?  What else is adorably sweet?  A 15 month old trying to understand the concept of time.  A few weeks ago, Zach told Staley that I was going to be home from work in about 10 minutes.  Since then, if I'm not home, Staley always says 'Mommy.  Home.  About 10 minutes.'  Earlier this week, as Staley was informing Zach that I would be home in about 10 minutes, Zach corrected her by saying that it would probably be an hour.  So now, when asked 'when will Mommy be home?', Staley either guesses 'about 10 minutes' or now '10 hours.'  At least she has options.  They may not always be practical options, but they are options nonetheless.

And while we're on the topic of practicality, what could be less practical than a cow in a cubicle?  When Staley is asked, 'where's Daddy?', she generally answers with 'work' (although she will occasionally respond with 'running' or 'meeting'--two other viable options).  The other day, I told her that Daddy worked at 'State Farm.'  She smiled big, said 'State Farm', and then said 'cow.  pig.'  I don't want to be the one to shatter her vision of her Daddy on a tractor or hanging out with her beloved farm animals.  Because really, sitting at a computer working on a spreadsheet isn't nearly as cool.

Our days are never dull.  New teeth, new skills, new understanding, and a new way to market State Farm to the under 2 crowd.  I'm sure Staley will be making me smile with something else she does in about 10 minutes...or 10 hours.  Probably both.

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