Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Sunday, May 20, 2012

There's Always Something New

Top 5  (+ 1) Cute Things Staley is Doing This Week:

1.  Singing.  Staley enjoys sharing her singing voice with the world, and joining in with songs that we are singing or songs she hears on her CDs  is something she is starting to do frequently.  She sings along with bits of songs ranging from 'Home on the Range' to 'Happy Birthday' to 'Wheels on the Bus' to Justin Bieber.  And no, I am not at all only a little ashamed of the fact that I did buy a Justin Bieber song off I-tunes (and that I listen to it enough that my daughter knows the chorus.)

2. Climbing off furniture or down stairs.  As her overly cautious mother, I have been providing constant reminders to Staley about safety around stairs or on furniture.  So now, ANYTIME she is getting ready to go down the stairs or climb off the couch, she provides a verbal play-by-play.  'Sit down.  Turn around.  Feet down first.'  Good advice for all of us to follow.

3.  Making up her own word mash-ups.  Staley is a great talker, but pronounciation and pauses still require some fine tuning.  When Staley is asking for something, she will often use one of her favorite Staley-phrases-turned-words.  'Haveit.'  'Wantit.'  'Holdit.'  For example, 'Ipod.  Havit.' Or  'Cup.  Holdit.'  She gets her point across and leaving out the pause between words does save a little time, so that she can 'haveit' or 'holdit' a little more quickly.

4.  Taking turns.  Staley is understanding the concept of taking turns.  So if she wants to do something or have something that someone else has, she will say 'Staley's turn.'  But she is also good on the flip-side, and will readily let other people have their turn too.

5.  Pretending.  Staley enjoys pretend play, and she will now share in a tea party or a picnic (complete with sound effects), talk on her toy phones, rock and hold her babies on her lap, and make her princesses dance and jump.

6.  Loving her friends.  The other day, the 4 little neighbor kids were getting out of their van in the driveway next door.  Staley abandoned her toys we were playing with in our driveway and made a bee-line towards the neighbors house, all the while saying in her sweet little Staley voice 'Hi friends.  Hi friends. Hi friends.'  So cute!!

How fun would life be if we all just let our friends know how excited we are to see them, sang along with great songs no matter where we are, took a break from reality for a little pretending, and made up our own words.  Staley does it.  Now it's your turn.


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