Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Glimpse

A glimpse into how Staley's mind works:

Last night at dinner, Staley was eating some Ritz crackers.  I had left the box on the table.

Staley:  "Box.  Haveit."
Me:  "No, you can't have the box right now.  You are still eating dinner."
Staley:  "Back of it."
Me:  "Okay, I'll turn it around so you can see the back of it."

Staley:  "Flower.  Polka dots on it."

All I've ever seen is a cracker, but Staley is totally right.  I love seeing the world through Staley's eyes.


Pentwater is my happy place.  I love everything about our annual week of family vacation.  Not many people can say that they look forward to spending a week living with their brothers and families while spending all day, every day with aunts and uncles and cousins and cousins' kids.  But I do.  There are no surprises in Pentwater.  Year in and year out, Pentwater is more about tradition than novelty.  Our cabins and houses may change to accomodate our growing families, but the vacation blueprint remains the same.  Lazy days on the beach.  Friendly competition to see who will dive into the frigid Lake Michigan water first.  Building sand castles.  Spaghetti night.  Smores night.  Going into town for ice cream.  Pudding pops.  Late night game playing.  Not much has changed in the 30-some years that we have been going to Pentwater.  And I love that.  Same town.  Same beach.  Same feeling of happiness, made all the more pronounced by the years of memories that Pentwater holds.  I love Pentwater.  And now Staley does too.

Every morning, the first words that Staley would say:
"Play cousins."
"Go beach."

Bedtime stories with Grandpa

Playing in the sand provided hours of enjoyment.

Walking on the beach with Grammie

A perfect family vacation

Good-bye Pentwater.  See you next year!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Staley Doing?

What is Staley doing these days?  Asking questions.  Lots and lots of questions.  Well, not lots and lots of different questions.  She is asking the same question lots and lots of times.  Staley is inquisitive...about what other people are doing.  All the time.

Mommy doing?
Daddy doing?
Liam doing?
Uncle Ethan doing?

Often the question is about someone who is right there with her.

Staley:  "Mommy doing?"
Me:  "Just sitting here, watching you eat your lunch."

And it generally isn't an isolated question.  She may need to ask what Mommy is doing or Daddy is doing 4 or 5 times in a row before she is satisfied with the answer.  But if the question is turned back to her, she generally has an answer for it.  Driving back from the beach for lunch today, this was part of our conversation.

Staley:  "Liam doing?"
Me:  "I don't know.  What do you think Liam is doing?"
Staley:  "Eating."
Me:  "Maybe so.  What do you think Liam is eating for lunch?"
Staley:  "Eating pork chops."

Granted, we haven't had pork chops since we've been on vacation.  We probably haven't had pork chops in several weeks.  But apparently Staley thought Aunt Melissa had whipped up some lunchtime pork chops for Liam to enjoy.

It's so fun to watch how Staley's mind works.  I love how she is trying to figure out her world.  Staley is bright and inquisitive and so much fun to be around.  Staley doing?

Filling my life with joy.  That's what Staley is doing.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Her Powers of Observation

When Staley woke up from her nap today, we heard her talking through the monitor.  Then we heard some rustling and crinkling, and Staley said, "Mommy going potty with this."  Very confused, I went upstairs to the room we are sharing here on vacation.  Staley was standing in her pack and play, holding a tampon she had grabbed from the dresser next to her pack and play.  Her powers of observation are keen...and now hold the potential to embarrass.

My Beach Baby

Beach Baby (def.)  noun.  Loves the sand.  Loves the water.  Loves the seagulls.  Loves buckets and shovels and balls and floaties.  Basks in the sun, plays in the sand, and is never ready to leave.

You can never be too careful.

Looking at the 'BIG water.'

My beach baby

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Things that Make Me Sad

1.  Staley being sick...again.
2.  High fevers.
3.  My hungry and thirsty child who doesn't want to eat or drink.
4.  My tired child who can't sleep.
5.  Staley tears.  Heartbreaking Staley tears.
6.  My playful little girl who doesn't have the energy to play.
7.  Staley being sick...on the day we are supposed to leave for vacation.

Staley is sick.  I'm sad.  Not a stellar day for the Sanckens.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Holy Molars!

They're in!!  Staley finally cut her top and bottom molar on the right side.  With her 12 teeth, she's over halfway done...with this first round.  Seems unfair to work so hard on something that's just going to fall out in a few years.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Abridged Version

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom:  The Abridged Version
by Staley Sancken

Letters fall down.
S fall down.
O fall down.
Letters get up.

Succinct.  Direct.  To the point.  The plot was adequately summarized without all those excess words.  I think she has a gift.  Next I'm putting her to work on Moby Dick.

Monday, June 18, 2012

It Just Isn't in the Cards

We can never get anywhere on time.  Ever.  Yesterday morning, we were getting ready to go to church for my dad's last Sunday before retirement.  I wanted to be on time, so I made certain that Staley and I were up, fed, and ready to go with time to spare.  And as we were pulling out of the driveway 10 minutes late once again, I frustratingly asked Zach, "We were ready to go.  Why are we still 10 minutes late?"  Zach responded with, "Well, we did have a 1 year old with a dirty diaper playing 'run away.' "  I guess sometimes being on time just isn't in the cards.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Father's Day List

Why My Daddy is AWESOME:  A List by Staley Sancken

1.  My daddy always lets me get my own little cart at the grocery store.  And if I'm with him and ask to go to the grocery store for the sole purpose of pushing my own cart around (even if we don't need any groceries), he'll still take me.

2.  My daddy takes me for rides on his lawn mower tractor.  Even when the grass doesn't need it.  Even if it means he'll need more gas.  Even if it's hot and sunny and he just got off work.  All I have to do is ask.

3.  My daddy dances with me every night before bed.  And if I ask, he'll even dance with me to Justin Bieber.

4.  My daddy lets me pick out my own outfits and bows when he dresses me. 

5.  When my daddy reads books to me, he does all the fun voices.

6.  My daddy plays whatever I want to play.  He's great at sidewalk chalk and balls, but who knew he'd also be so good at playing tea party and princesses??

7.  My daddy takes me swimming...and it's so fun.  My favorite part is when he holds me up high and then goes under the water.

8.  My daddy pushes me high in the swing.  I love to go higher, higher, higher...and my daddy always obliges.

9.  My daddy makes me pancakes every Sunday.  I love pancakes!  My daddy makes me fish for dinner.  I love fish!  My daddy grills brats.  I love brats!  My daddy makes the best grilled cheese.  I love grilled cheese!  My daddy knows how to make all my favorites.  I love my daddy!

10.  My daddy fixes things.  If something is broken (not working, needs batteries, needs to be inflated), my daddy will make it work.  I like to say, "Daddy fix it."  And he always does.

11.  My daddy is fun and loving and silly and strong.   He says 'yes', makes time, laughs lots, and will do anything for me.

12.  My daddy loves me more than anything in the world!!  And I love him right back!

Friday, June 15, 2012


Staley is a talker.  By her first birthday, Staley had 60-70 words.  And now, at 17 months, Staley talks all the time.  She talks in 4-5 word phrases and puts several thoughts together to tell a story.  She has abstract words in her vocabulary that she uses appropriately like 'another', 'both', 'almost', 'too', or 'one more.'  She labels things correctly by their color or their size.  She uses plurals (one kitty, two kitties.)  'You' and 'me' is still tricky, but she's starting to get the hang of a few pronouns.  Things she says amaze me on a daily basis.

We take a family walk every night after dinner.  A few months ago, as we would walk, Staley would turn up the sidewalk towards each house as we passed it.  I'd always say, "That's not our house."  Now when we go on family walks, Staley will stop at each house we pass and say, "Not our house."  And when we arrive at our house she'll say, "Staley's house RIGHT HERE.

Last night during bath time, Staley said, "Daddy painting yesterday."  Zach actually painted our porch 4 days ago, but the fact that Staley used yesterday in a semi-appropriate manner was impressive to me.

"One more" is a recent addition to Staley's vocabulary and it often comes out in full force at naptime and bedtime.  "One more book."  "One more kiss."  "One more hug."  She's learning early how to put off going to bed as long as possible.  Because her 'one more' would go on indefinitely if we let it, we'll allow for several 'one mores' (because how can you deny a sweet little girl extra hugs and kisses), but then we'll say "Last one."  So today at naptime, I gave Staley one more kiss and then she said, "Last one more."  So I gave her a last one more kiss. 

Zach and Staley got home from the baby-sitters yesterday afternoon.  As Zach was getting Staley out of the car, she said, "Tractor broken" (as she remembered that Zach's riding lawn mower had broken down while we were watching him mow).  Zach told Staley that he had fixed the mower and it was no longer broken.  Staley mulled this over for a few moments and then said, "Ride it."  She realized that a no-longer-broken tractor was ridable.  So I got home to my husband and my daughter doing laps around the yard on the lawn tractor.

One of Staley's books has a picture of a girl in a pink swimsuit, pink sunhat, and pink flip-flops.  Staley was looking at this book today in her carseat as we were driving to Peoria.  I heard her say, "Pink swimsuit."  So I asked her, "What else is the girl wearing?"  And Staley's answer?  "Swim diaper."  : )

In Staley's world, dogs don't bark.  They woof.  So Staley will say, 'Dog woofing.'  Woofing actually is a more logical verb than barking.  I may need to contact Webster.

Staley says things each and every day that bring me smiles and laughter.  So I will leave you with one more...

Staley's first nursery rhyme

Hickory Dickory Dock.
Mouse ran DOWN.
Hickory Dickory Dock.
Bye mouse.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Catch Phrases

Some people are easily identified by their catch phrase.  That one phrase that, upon hearing it, automatically makes you think of a specific person.  All I have to say is "yabba dabba doo" and you know exactly who I'm talking about. 

In Staley's world, catch phrases are all the rage.  Staley has started to categorize people by a catch phrase--something they have said or done once or twice that she has found especially amusing and enjoys repeating.  She then makes a daily habit of telling us what each person says or does.

Papa says 'Oopsie daisy'.
Grandpa says 'WHAT?!'
Grammie says 'Am I, Staley?' (For 'where am I, Staley?' during hide and seek.)
Elliott says 'No Way!'
Liam does 'Down.  UP!'
Miss Vicki says 'See you later, alligator.'
Daddy says 'Holy cow.'
Mommy says 'Okey dokey.'

She also uses this phrase with her animal sounds and her songs.
Cow says 'moo.'
Jake says 'meow.'
Music says 'whoa, back' or 'bye mouse'.  (Various song phrases from her favorite CD.)

Unfortunately, not everyone has a catch phrase.  So then Staley will start out her statement...

Uma says...
Aunt Carrie says...
Olivia says...

and then she'll come up blank.  So if you want to join this prestigious club of catch phrase-ers, all you have to do is figure out how a 17 month old's mind works and find that one simple phrase that is both amusing and memorable.  Let the games begin!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tales from the Grandmas

I cannot keep up with blogging about all the cute things that Staley says.  She communicates so well, and she says things that amuse and amaze me on a daily basis.  As I try to think of where to start to remember this fun, fun, fun time in Staley's life, I feel overwhelmed.  Where to start?  So I'm going to start with cute things that Staley has shared with other people.

Staley spent the day a few weeks ago with her Uma (Zach's mom) and she spent the day today with Grammie (my mom).  While at Uma's house, Staley was fascinated by watching the hummingbird eating out of the hummingbird feeder outside Uma's window.  The bird would fly off and Staley would call out (in a bossy voice) "COME BACK" (and then in her sweet, Staley voice) "tiny bird."  "COME BACK tiny bird." 

My mom told stories for preschool story time at the Eureka Public Library today.  Staley went with her, and sat with Miss Robin (one of Staley's many librarian friends) while my mom told stories.  Apparently all the preschool children were sitting in a semicircle around the room waiting for the stories to start.  Staley walked right into the center of the circle, looked at the kids, and said "Hi people."  She then sat with Miss Robin to hear the stories.  One of the stories was 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff,' which is a story that my mom has told Staley on several occasions.  As my mom was taking a dramatic pause in the story, Staley finished her sentence for her.

It's so fun for me to hear what Staley has to say, and to tell people about her.  But it's also fun to have other people share their special Staley stories with me as well.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Staley's First Haircut

Yesterday, at almost 17 months old, Staley had her first haircut.  I had been pushing for it for several months (as the baby mullet was starting to bother me), but Zach was against it.  Zach finally consented didn't make me cancel the appointment I made.  Staley loved sitting in the big chair and holding the clippies that Rachel gave her.  I love that her hair is now more even, but still pigtail-able.  Zach agreed that the haircut was a success.  


almost done...

and after.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Pushing the Fashion Envelope

Staley's not afraid to march to her own fashion drummer.  Needing it to rain to wear a raincoat?  Not Staley.  Rocking nothing but a pair of boots and a diaper?  Bring it on.  I stick to the comfort and familiarity of blue jeans, t-shirts, and a ponytail.  Staley, on the other hand, takes fashion chances with wild abandon. 

So while I would choose for Staley to wear a matching outfit with pigtails...

Staley would prefer monkey pajamas, and not one, not two, but three headbands.

And in my objective opinion, I think she can rock both looks.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Little Light Reading

I got out of the shower today to find Staley in the office, engaged in a little light reading.

After her nap, we started in on her calculus lesson.

Monday, June 4, 2012

My 3 Wishes

I wish that, after spending several hours cleaning the house, you could count on it staying that way for at least 3 months.  Maybe 6.  Actually, forever would be nice.  Let's go with forever.

I wish that laundry wasn't a never-ending project.  I never thought that I'd consider an empty hamper and empty laundry baskets a beautiful sight...but I do.

I wish for 1,000,000 more wishes.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Prayers and the Bible

For the years leading us to Staley, we prayed for the family we would one day have.  During my pregnancy, we prayed for the health and safety of our child.  And since Staley has been born, we pray daily as a family.  Lately, Staley has become a more active participant in our family prayer time.

Staley is now in charge of praying before meals.  We taught her the mealtime prayer that my family used as I was growing up.  She has taken a few artistic liberties, changed some of the phrasing, dropped a sentence, and made it her own.  Staley's mealtime prayer:  'God is great.  Let us thank him food.  AMEN!'  (The capital letters and exclamation are necessary for the amen, since Staley places a big emphasis on this part of the prayer.)  And the amen is generally immediately followed by a request for food.  'AMEN! Blueberries.'  'AMEN! Chicken.'  'AMEN! Waffles.'

We also say bedtime prayers before we put Staley down for bed.  We have recently begun asking her who she would like to pray for before bed.  The first time or two, she made requests to pray for Uma, Papa, Grammie, Grandpa, and Elliott.  Very appropriate.  Lately, however, she generally asks to pray for Blue Bear, Pink Bear, Monkey, or Lion.  (Unlike Happy Easter, Staley gets no points for originality when naming these stuffed animals.)  And although it is good to thank God for the blessings in our lives, I hope that Staley realizes her many blessings extend beyond the stuffed animals she possesses.

Along with saying her prayers, Staley also enjoys reading her Bible.  She has a 'My First Bible' that has a number of short illustrated Bible stories.  Staley does not always like to sit and listen to the stories, but she LOVES to flip through and look at the pictures.  She can now identify Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham and Isaac, Moses, Joseph, Daniel, David and Goliath, Jesus, and angels.  I love that Staley asks to read her Bible and is beginning to recognize Bible stories.  I just hope that there comes a day when her favorite thing about the Bible isn't the donkey that Jesus is riding on.

God has blessed us beyond measure with our amazing baby girl.  And I love that she is starting to learn about Him.

Friday, June 1, 2012

A One-Question Quiz

What single event can negatively impact each of the following activities:

Starting a regular running program
Wearing cute summer sandals
Losing weight before bathing suit season
Going on long family walks
Getting a pedicure
Walking barefoot on the beach
Jumping, running, and swimming with my daughter
Playing soccer
Wearing heels to a wedding

The answer:  Breaking your big toe

In retrospect, I guess I shouldn't have dropped that scooter on my toe.  Guess I'll know better for next time.  On the plus side, I think an aircast boot compliments just about any outfit.