Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Friday, June 15, 2012


Staley is a talker.  By her first birthday, Staley had 60-70 words.  And now, at 17 months, Staley talks all the time.  She talks in 4-5 word phrases and puts several thoughts together to tell a story.  She has abstract words in her vocabulary that she uses appropriately like 'another', 'both', 'almost', 'too', or 'one more.'  She labels things correctly by their color or their size.  She uses plurals (one kitty, two kitties.)  'You' and 'me' is still tricky, but she's starting to get the hang of a few pronouns.  Things she says amaze me on a daily basis.

We take a family walk every night after dinner.  A few months ago, as we would walk, Staley would turn up the sidewalk towards each house as we passed it.  I'd always say, "That's not our house."  Now when we go on family walks, Staley will stop at each house we pass and say, "Not our house."  And when we arrive at our house she'll say, "Staley's house RIGHT HERE.

Last night during bath time, Staley said, "Daddy painting yesterday."  Zach actually painted our porch 4 days ago, but the fact that Staley used yesterday in a semi-appropriate manner was impressive to me.

"One more" is a recent addition to Staley's vocabulary and it often comes out in full force at naptime and bedtime.  "One more book."  "One more kiss."  "One more hug."  She's learning early how to put off going to bed as long as possible.  Because her 'one more' would go on indefinitely if we let it, we'll allow for several 'one mores' (because how can you deny a sweet little girl extra hugs and kisses), but then we'll say "Last one."  So today at naptime, I gave Staley one more kiss and then she said, "Last one more."  So I gave her a last one more kiss. 

Zach and Staley got home from the baby-sitters yesterday afternoon.  As Zach was getting Staley out of the car, she said, "Tractor broken" (as she remembered that Zach's riding lawn mower had broken down while we were watching him mow).  Zach told Staley that he had fixed the mower and it was no longer broken.  Staley mulled this over for a few moments and then said, "Ride it."  She realized that a no-longer-broken tractor was ridable.  So I got home to my husband and my daughter doing laps around the yard on the lawn tractor.

One of Staley's books has a picture of a girl in a pink swimsuit, pink sunhat, and pink flip-flops.  Staley was looking at this book today in her carseat as we were driving to Peoria.  I heard her say, "Pink swimsuit."  So I asked her, "What else is the girl wearing?"  And Staley's answer?  "Swim diaper."  : )

In Staley's world, dogs don't bark.  They woof.  So Staley will say, 'Dog woofing.'  Woofing actually is a more logical verb than barking.  I may need to contact Webster.

Staley says things each and every day that bring me smiles and laughter.  So I will leave you with one more...

Staley's first nursery rhyme

Hickory Dickory Dock.
Mouse ran DOWN.
Hickory Dickory Dock.
Bye mouse.

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