Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Monday, July 30, 2012


According to Webster...
Yesterday (def.):  The day before the present day.
"Staley played trains with her cousin Elliott yesterday."

According to Staley...
Yesternight (def.):  An indefinite time in the past not excluding things that happened 4 months ago.
"Yesternight Mommy ride horse carousel.  Staley ride puffin."

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Olympics

We watched a little of the Summer Olympics with Staley while she was eating her morning snack today.  When we turned it off after her snack, Staley said, "Watch movie kids swimming one more time."

I don't know if the world's Ryan Lochtes and Michael Phelpses would be enthused to think that the result of their years of perpetual training were referred to as a movie about kids swimming.  Lucky for Staley, I bet the movie will be on a few more times over these next few weeks.  Guess we'll all look forward to seeing how it ends.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Funny Girl

I think that a good sense of humor is one of the most important personality traits that a person can possess.  Definitely top 5.  Luckily, Staley is well on her way to developing hers.  All my silly antics, goofy dancing, and made-up songs never fail to make Staley laugh.  I'll admit--it's good for my self-esteem.  I guess I never realized how truly funny I least in the eyes of an 18 month old.

Making Staley smile and laugh has never been too difficult.  But lately she has been making more of her own jokes.  And her jokes reveal that she has a depth of understanding about things that I find quite impressive.  One of the current things Staley amuses herself with is making up words.  She'll say nonsense words, and then just laugh and laugh.  Words like 'nanu', 'isaacisaac', and 'meme' are her most recent ones.  What astounds me is that for the short 18 months that she's been here, she has a strong enough grasp of language to know that the words she's making up are not real words.  And she finds this very amusing.

Along with nonsense words, Staley enjoys playing around with names.  Staley loves to call Zach and I by our first names rather than 'Mommy' and 'Daddy', just for laughs.  She giggles everytime she does it, knowing that she's being funny.  And using 'uncle' and 'aunt' in inappropriate ways has recently turned into a fun game.  Staley uses 'aunt' and 'uncle' correctly when referring to her relatives, like 'Aunt Jill' or 'Uncle Ethan.'  Lately, however, she's been jokingly talking about 'Uncle Mommy' or 'Aunt Daddy.'  Then she gets sillier with things like 'uncle bathtub', 'uncle shampoo', and 'uncle couch.'  This evening, she was cracking herself up by talking about 'Aunt Uncle Jack.'  Again, her understanding of what is supposed to go with 'aunt' and 'uncle' and what isn't impresses me.

Staley is developing her own little sense of humor.  She can always make herself laugh, and her laughter is contagious.  Which is why 'meme' and 'uncle bathtub' always make me laugh too.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


It's a new record.  Staley enjoyed time with my parents today while I worked.  While there, she produced a 9-word sentence.  It's her longest yet.

And the new record holder...

"Staley watch Grandpa put green bear on Grammie's shoulder."

Not sure there are many instances to use this sentence in context, but 9 words is 9 words.  I couldn't be more proud.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer Lovin'

Summer with Staley this year is so much fun!!  She's at such a great age where nothing is more exciting than swimming at the pool, feeding the animals at the Farm Park, exploring at the playground, going to the zoo, cooling off with ice cream treats, and participating in story time at the library.

Playground fun

Fearless rider

Pool time

Zoo friends

At the Farm Park

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Imagine This

Staley has been really into imaginary/pretend play lately.  She cooks, shops for groceries, eats, drinks, feeds me, bathes and feeds her dolls...without any help or props required.  Earlier today, we were playing in her playroom and we had this conversation.

Staley:  "Staley sit chair.  Watch fireworks."
Me:  "Where are the fireworks?"
Staley:  "Up there."  (Pointing at the ceiling.)
Me:  "What fireworks do you see?"
Staley:  "Pink.  And purple.  And red.  And white."  (All the while looking at the plain white ceiling in her playroom.)
Me:  "What are the fireworks like?"
Staley:  "Bright.  And loud.  And colorful."  (Which is how she has been describing fireworks since the 4th of July.)

Then she said, "Go living room.  Watch fireworks."  (As she got up from her chair and walked into the living room.)
Me:  "Okay.  I'd love to see more fireworks."
Staley:  "Sit mat."
Me:  "Where's the mat?"
Staley:  "Right there."  (Pointing to a random spot on the floor.)

Then she proceeded to sit down on the floor, look up at another blank ceiling, and watch the fireworks.  Who needs a playroom full of toys when you can watch indoor fireworks anytime you want?

I have found another benefit of Staley's imagination.  Today, she really wanted to play with my cell phone.  She was on the verge of drama with an escalating voice saying over and over, "Staley have Mommy's phone.  Staley have Mommy's phone.  STALEY HAVE MOMMY'S PHONE."  With my cell phone remaining on top of the dresser, I reached out an empty hand and said, "Here you go.  Here's Mommy's phone.  Who are you going to call?"  And Staley immediately stopped her yelling, reached out to 'take' the imaginary phone, and proceeded to 'call' Papa and Brandon (who is an employee of Zach's parents that Staley has grown quite infatuated with).  Crisis averted.

It's so fun to see Staley's imagination emerge.  I love that pretend fireworks and an imaginary cell phone are all she needs to have fun.  Here's hoping that she'll be just as happy with an imaginary video game at 8, an imaginary cell phone at 12, and an imaginary car at 16. 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Eighteen Months

Eighteen months.  18 months.  1 year, 6 months.  A year and a half.  However you phrase it, time is flying.  How can my baby already be 18 months old?  Staley currently weighs 23 lbs, 6 oz (58th percentile) and is 30.75" (15th percentile).  She is wearing her 12-18 and 18-24 month clothes.  She takes an afternoon nap and sleeps for 11 hours at night (8-7).  Staley shows her 14 teeth when she smiles.  (Still waiting on those right side canines.)  She is talkative and happy, sweet and active...and oh so much fun!!

Likes:  It's hard to list favorites, because Staley is so happy and easy to please.  She loves swimming and bathing.  Swinging and sliding are so much fun, and she has no fear when it comes to either one.  Hide and seek is the best!  Pretend play is a new favorite past-time, and we have many tea parties and picnics.  Staley enjoys outings (whether we're going to the zoo, the library, the Farm Park, or the nursing home), and makes friends wherever we go.  She loves to be my helper,  putting away groceries, cleaning the house, doing laundry, or mowing the lawn.  Favorite toys include her princess dolls, her slide, her mardi gras beads, balls, anything Little People (especially animals), her Leap Frog laptop, and her stuffed animals.  Yellow Bear appears to be her most favorite stuffed animal at the moment.  Staley still loves to read, but her favorite books are too numerous to list (and change frequently).  She's a great eater (although still not too adventurous with veggies).  Favorite foods include fish, waffles, pancakes, bratwurst, pizza, french fries, fruit (any and all fruit), yogurt, and grilled cheese.

Dislikes:  There are very few things that Staley doesn't like.  She generally dislikes having her diaper changed and clothes changed.  She will accept help when she asks for it, but otherwise she would rather do things independently (like eating, washing her hands, drinking from an open cup, picking out her clothes.)  She would rather walk than be carried or in her stroller.

Skills:  Staley is at such a fun, fun age.  She walks really well and is starting to run (which is still just a fast walk.)  She can crawl up stairs and likes to walk up the stairs holding my hands.  She will turn around to crawl down the stairs independently.  Staley has figured out how to climb the 2 stairs for her little slide and slide down independently (and is so proud of herself!)  She tries to jump, but her feet don't leave the ground.  Staley feeds herself independently with a spoon and a fork, although her fingers are still her best utensil.  She will wash her hands in our little kitchen sink, use a washcloth to help wash herself at bathtime, and likes to pick out her own outfits.  "All by yourself" is a current favorite phrase of hers.  ('You' and 'me' are still tricky for her.)  She will sometimes tell us when she has a dirty diaper  ("Poo poo pants.  Need fresh clean diaper.") and occasionally asks to sit on the potty (although never actually goes.)  Staley loves to color and paint.  She is starting to try simple puzzles, although still doesn't always get the pieces turned correctly to fit.  She likes to watch us and figure out how things work, like taking tops off bottles or working Zach's touch screen phone.  (She's better at that than I am.)  Staley talks in 4-5 word sentences with a large and ever-expanding vocabulary.  She uses plurals appropriately.  She still mixes up her pronouns, but is getting better with them. She knows her colors, can count to 13, knows about 18 of her upper case letters, and knows her opposites (hot and cold, light and dark, near and far,...).  Staley has an amazing memory.  Sometimes I forget that Staley can't read, because she can open almost any of her books and say a word or phrase on the page she just opened to.  After just a few readings of a library book, Staley will begin finishing the sentences.  She has recently started singing more, and can often be heard singing snippets of her favorite songs. 

Eighteen months.  18 months.  1 year, 6 months.  A year and a half.  That's how old my baby is.  That's how long I've been enjoying her.  It's been the best 18 months of my life!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Oh, How Life Can Change... a mere 18 months.

18 month ago today

So much has changed, but the thankfulness and joy I feel each and every day remain the same.

Monday, July 9, 2012

A Winning Argument

Staley really does not like to get her diaper changed recently.  It may be the fact that the diaper change interrupts whatever she's currently doing.  It could be that she does not like lying down and being still for that long.  I'm sure a component is that she is now little-miss-independent, and diaper changes are something that she can't do on her own.  Whatever the reason, Staley is oppposed to getting her diaper changed. 

This morning, I wanted to change Staley's diaper before we walked to the library.  As I laid Staley down, she was crying and kicking and yelling, "No diaper change!  No diaper change!  No diaper change!"  I tried to reason with her, explaining, "You can't stay in a wet diaper or you'll get diaper rash.  Nobody likes diaper rash."  And Staley's response?  "Staley likes diaper rash." 

How do you argue with that?

Sunday, July 8, 2012

English is Tricky

The English language is tricky.  There are sayings and phrases that are figurative, not literal.  There are words with multiple meanings.  There is past tense, present tense, future tense.  There are pronouns and plural nouns.  I don't know how we learn all the nuances of this language as children, but we do.  I feel like Staley has done an amazing job understanding and communicating using the 'rules' of the English language, but it can still be confusing.

Yesterday, I went to a wedding shower for my cousin in Indianapolis while Zach spent the day with Staley.  When she would ask about where I was or what I was doing, Zach explained that I had gone to a wedding shower for my cousin.  He also tried to explain to her what a wedding shower is.  Today at lunch, we had this conversation.

Zach:  "Where did mommy go yesterday?"
Staley:  "Wedding shower."
Zach:  "Who was the wedding shower for?"
Staley:  "Cousin."

(Long pause.)

Staley:  "Mommy get all wet."

So close.  So, so close.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Kids Say the Darndest Things

The other day, Zach and I were playing with Staley in her playroom.  Zach left the room for a minute, and Staley and I had this conversation.

Staley:  "Daddy doing?"
Me:  "I don't know what daddy is doing."
Staley:  "Staley call him."
And then in her loudest Staley voice, she yelled, "ZACH!"

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Helicoptors and Fireworkers

Last year was Staley's first 4th of July.  She wasn't quite 6 months old.  She watched the parade, hung out with family, and was alseep well before any fireworks exploded into the air.  I'm assuming that her memory of her first 4th of July is pretty foggy.  So this year we reminded her about what she might experience on the 4th of July.  We talked about parades and fireworks and cousins and fun.

Yesterday morning, Staley woke up talking about the parade that she was going to see. We had mentioned to her that she would probably see fire trucks and maybe some horses in the parade.  Apparently, this triggered a memory of the Emergency Expo that we took Staley to a few weeks ago where she got to see fire trucks and police horses, along with police cars, ambulances, police dogs, rescue boats, and a Life Flight helicoptor.  So when we asked Staley what she thought she would see at the parade, she responded with, "Fire trucks.  And horses.  And police cars.  And dogs.  And a train.  (Not sure where that came from.)  And a helicoptor."  Surprisingly, the parade lived up to all Staley's expectations (including the train) with the exception of the helicoptor.  Unfortunately, there was no helicoptor in the Eureka 4th of July parade.  Maybe next year.

After Staley's nap in the afternoon, she was finishing up her snack and said, "Go outside.  See workers."  Zach and I were confused.  She continued to talk about seeing the workers.  And eventually we figured it out--Staley was excited about seeing the fire-workers that we had told her about.  So Staley got to stay up 2 hours past her bedtime, trek down to the Eureka Lake, and watch the fireworkers.  I'm not sure what Staley had envisioned--guys on tractors?  fire fighters?  Whatever it was that she expected, I hope that the actual fireworks surpassed her expectations.  And I hope that I never forget this time in Staley's life where, still today, she is excitedly telling us all about the fireworkers.

The Bradford cousins

Watching the parade
(Notice the tight grip Staley has on her parade 'treats')

Watching the 'fireworkers'

Monday, July 2, 2012

Best Friends

Staley loves Jake and Elwood.  I mean, LOVES them.  She always wants to know what they're doing or where they are.  She looks for them, calls to them, and finds nothing more exciting than giving them treats.  Elwood has not put much of an effort into building a relationship with Staley.  When she shows up, he leaves.  If you ask Staley what Elwood does, she answers, "Jumps down."  Because anytime she tries to pet him or see him or walks into a room he is in, he jumps down from his perch (the bed, the table, the couch) and runs away. 

Jake, on the other hand, has decided that Staley is here to stay, so they might as well get along.  Staley has taken Jake's tolerance to signify that they are now best friends.  And what do best friends do? 

Best friends share toys and clothes and objects of signficance.  Staley is always trying to hand things to Jake--toys she's playing with, clothes she has removed from her dresser drawer, her cup of water.  She will say, "Here you go, Jakers" as she holds something out to Jake.  She will wait a few moments and, when he doesn't reach up to take it, she will drop it on him or around him.

Staley offering Jake a giraffe and a wipe.

Best friends play together.  Staley is always inviting Jake to join her in playing.  She will say "Jake.  Playroom." as he is walking through the living room.  Then she will run into her playroom, wait expectantly for Jake to show up, and then when he doesn't, say a little more forcefully, "JAKE.  PLAYROOM."  (And yes, I have resorted to bribing Jake with kitty treats, just for the look of joy on Staley's face when he does, indeed, join her in the playroom.)

Staley helping 'clean' Jake with a diaper wipe

Best friends share the love.  Staley loves to pet Jake, hug Jake, and occasionally will even try to pick him up or sit on his lap.

Staley sitting on Jake's lap

Friends are great.  And having a best friend--well, there's just nothing better.  Unless your best friend is a toddler who drops things on you, squeezes you, and sits on you.  In that case, jumping down and running away may be a better idea.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Walles Family Pictures

Our last official Walles family pictures were taken a few years before Elliott was born.  He's 3 1/2 now.  It was time.

The whole fam

Our little happy family

The whole fam + one big rock

Grammie, Grandpa, and the kids



and my sweet Staley.


Staley used to say 'yes.'

Me:  "Do you want to go outside?"
Staley:  "Yes."

Me: "Do you want to have some crackers?"
Staley:  "Yes."

Then she started to make her own requests.

Staley:  "Yellow bear."
Me: "You want yellow bear?"
Staley:  "Yes."
Me:  "Okay.  I'll get you yellow bear."

Staley:  "Cow movie."
Me:  "You want to watch your cow movie?"
Staley:  "Yes."
Me:  "Okay.  We'll put on your cow movie."

Finally, she realized that after she said 'yes' to something, we usually answered with 'okay.'  Staley decided to streamline the process.  She dropped the 'yes' and started using 'okay.'

Staley:  "Go beach."
Me:  "You want to go to the beach?"
Staley:  "Okay."

Staley:  "Eat blackberries."
Me:  "You want to eat some blackberries?
Staley:  "Okay."

My favorite part is that she says 'okay' as if it was my idea in the first place.  As in, "Okay, sure.  Blackberries sound good.  Glad you thought of it."  Or "The beach?  Good idea, mom.  Sure, I'll go with you."

Let's see if you've caught on.

You:  "See picture."
Me:  "You want to see a picture?"
And your response????