Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Monday, July 2, 2012

Best Friends

Staley loves Jake and Elwood.  I mean, LOVES them.  She always wants to know what they're doing or where they are.  She looks for them, calls to them, and finds nothing more exciting than giving them treats.  Elwood has not put much of an effort into building a relationship with Staley.  When she shows up, he leaves.  If you ask Staley what Elwood does, she answers, "Jumps down."  Because anytime she tries to pet him or see him or walks into a room he is in, he jumps down from his perch (the bed, the table, the couch) and runs away. 

Jake, on the other hand, has decided that Staley is here to stay, so they might as well get along.  Staley has taken Jake's tolerance to signify that they are now best friends.  And what do best friends do? 

Best friends share toys and clothes and objects of signficance.  Staley is always trying to hand things to Jake--toys she's playing with, clothes she has removed from her dresser drawer, her cup of water.  She will say, "Here you go, Jakers" as she holds something out to Jake.  She will wait a few moments and, when he doesn't reach up to take it, she will drop it on him or around him.

Staley offering Jake a giraffe and a wipe.

Best friends play together.  Staley is always inviting Jake to join her in playing.  She will say "Jake.  Playroom." as he is walking through the living room.  Then she will run into her playroom, wait expectantly for Jake to show up, and then when he doesn't, say a little more forcefully, "JAKE.  PLAYROOM."  (And yes, I have resorted to bribing Jake with kitty treats, just for the look of joy on Staley's face when he does, indeed, join her in the playroom.)

Staley helping 'clean' Jake with a diaper wipe

Best friends share the love.  Staley loves to pet Jake, hug Jake, and occasionally will even try to pick him up or sit on his lap.

Staley sitting on Jake's lap

Friends are great.  And having a best friend--well, there's just nothing better.  Unless your best friend is a toddler who drops things on you, squeezes you, and sits on you.  In that case, jumping down and running away may be a better idea.

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  1. I've seldom seen a happier cat than Jake being offered a giraffe. lol. Love the pictures.