Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Funny Girl

I think that a good sense of humor is one of the most important personality traits that a person can possess.  Definitely top 5.  Luckily, Staley is well on her way to developing hers.  All my silly antics, goofy dancing, and made-up songs never fail to make Staley laugh.  I'll admit--it's good for my self-esteem.  I guess I never realized how truly funny I least in the eyes of an 18 month old.

Making Staley smile and laugh has never been too difficult.  But lately she has been making more of her own jokes.  And her jokes reveal that she has a depth of understanding about things that I find quite impressive.  One of the current things Staley amuses herself with is making up words.  She'll say nonsense words, and then just laugh and laugh.  Words like 'nanu', 'isaacisaac', and 'meme' are her most recent ones.  What astounds me is that for the short 18 months that she's been here, she has a strong enough grasp of language to know that the words she's making up are not real words.  And she finds this very amusing.

Along with nonsense words, Staley enjoys playing around with names.  Staley loves to call Zach and I by our first names rather than 'Mommy' and 'Daddy', just for laughs.  She giggles everytime she does it, knowing that she's being funny.  And using 'uncle' and 'aunt' in inappropriate ways has recently turned into a fun game.  Staley uses 'aunt' and 'uncle' correctly when referring to her relatives, like 'Aunt Jill' or 'Uncle Ethan.'  Lately, however, she's been jokingly talking about 'Uncle Mommy' or 'Aunt Daddy.'  Then she gets sillier with things like 'uncle bathtub', 'uncle shampoo', and 'uncle couch.'  This evening, she was cracking herself up by talking about 'Aunt Uncle Jack.'  Again, her understanding of what is supposed to go with 'aunt' and 'uncle' and what isn't impresses me.

Staley is developing her own little sense of humor.  She can always make herself laugh, and her laughter is contagious.  Which is why 'meme' and 'uncle bathtub' always make me laugh too.

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