Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Imagine This

Staley has been really into imaginary/pretend play lately.  She cooks, shops for groceries, eats, drinks, feeds me, bathes and feeds her dolls...without any help or props required.  Earlier today, we were playing in her playroom and we had this conversation.

Staley:  "Staley sit chair.  Watch fireworks."
Me:  "Where are the fireworks?"
Staley:  "Up there."  (Pointing at the ceiling.)
Me:  "What fireworks do you see?"
Staley:  "Pink.  And purple.  And red.  And white."  (All the while looking at the plain white ceiling in her playroom.)
Me:  "What are the fireworks like?"
Staley:  "Bright.  And loud.  And colorful."  (Which is how she has been describing fireworks since the 4th of July.)

Then she said, "Go living room.  Watch fireworks."  (As she got up from her chair and walked into the living room.)
Me:  "Okay.  I'd love to see more fireworks."
Staley:  "Sit mat."
Me:  "Where's the mat?"
Staley:  "Right there."  (Pointing to a random spot on the floor.)

Then she proceeded to sit down on the floor, look up at another blank ceiling, and watch the fireworks.  Who needs a playroom full of toys when you can watch indoor fireworks anytime you want?

I have found another benefit of Staley's imagination.  Today, she really wanted to play with my cell phone.  She was on the verge of drama with an escalating voice saying over and over, "Staley have Mommy's phone.  Staley have Mommy's phone.  STALEY HAVE MOMMY'S PHONE."  With my cell phone remaining on top of the dresser, I reached out an empty hand and said, "Here you go.  Here's Mommy's phone.  Who are you going to call?"  And Staley immediately stopped her yelling, reached out to 'take' the imaginary phone, and proceeded to 'call' Papa and Brandon (who is an employee of Zach's parents that Staley has grown quite infatuated with).  Crisis averted.

It's so fun to see Staley's imagination emerge.  I love that pretend fireworks and an imaginary cell phone are all she needs to have fun.  Here's hoping that she'll be just as happy with an imaginary video game at 8, an imaginary cell phone at 12, and an imaginary car at 16. 

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