Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tomboy? Or Girlie-Girl?

Growing up, I was probably what you would call a tomboy.  I preferred sweat pants to dresses.  (And let's be honest.  I still do.)  I could keep up with the neighborhood boys climbing trees and running races.  My middle and high school time was spent playing sports rather than hanging out at the mall.  Backpacking and camping in beautiful places has always held more appeal to me than a spa get-away.  And make-up, french braiding, and the importance of name brands remain a mystery to me.

I want Staley to be well-rounded.  I don't want her to be pigeon-holed into dolls and princesses if her real interests lie in trains and trucks.  But if she prefers frilly dresses to comfy hoodies, I want her to know that's okay too.  I want to her to explore all her options and choose the things that make her happy, regardless of what others may want to choose for her.  I cherish my days of climbing trees, sweating through track practices, cutting the sleeves off my t-shirts, and sleeping under the stars with my friends.  I don't want Staley to miss out on any of those moments that will shape her into the woman she becomes just because it's not what others are doing.

And so far, Staley is marching to her own little drummer.  She loves her princesses and baby dolls, but she also fills her days playing with her trains, her trucks, and her tools.  Her Little Tykes car must not be performing up to her expectations because she has to 'fix' it on a daily basis, 'just like Papa.'  (Although I'm not sure that Papa usually fixes cars with a hammer and a screwdriver.)  Staley is just as happy in a onesie or a Sunday dress, but often insists on wearing her necklaces and her bracelet.  Staley is still dainty about playing in the grass, but loves to play in puddles, in sand, and with rocks.  And Staley always gets SO excited about seeing firetrucks, police cars, helicopters, garbage trucks, and construction vehicles.  (Hearing her talk about seeing a high-hoe or an end-loader always makes me smile.)  She loves going shopping and helping around the house just as much as she loves playing sports and watching her cousins play sports.  Well-rounded interests.  Check!

I'm glad that Staley is developing her own interests.  And who knows?  Maybe one day my baby girl will be happily driving a bulldozer on a construction site...while proudly accessorizing with 6 necklaces and a bracelet.

Staley and her 'bling'

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