Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Monday, October 22, 2012

Let's Talk About Feelings

Staley is a sponge.  She doesn't forget anything, and she doesn't miss much that we say or do.  We find our words and our actions coming back to us from a cute little 21-month old.  (Luckily, nothing we are too embarrassed about...yet.)

Staley has several books that talk about feelings.  Lately, we've been talking about feelings...surprised, sad, happy, angry.  Tonight, we had this conversation.

Staley:  "Sit down."  (As she proceeds to sit down on her princess lunch box.)  "Talk about feelings."
Staley:  "Mommy.  Be surprised."
Me:  "Oh!!"  (Doing my best exaggerated surprise face.)
Staley giggles.
Staley:  "Mommy.  Be sad."
Me:  (Doing my best sad face.)
Staley:  "Mommy.  Do tears."
Me:  (Pretending to cry.)
Staley: "That's unnecessary."

I had hoped for a hug or some reassurance from Staley, a little empathy to stop my 'fake' crying.  Instead, she threw back to me a little of my own medicine.  I guess if crying for no reason is unnecessary for Staley, it should be for me too.

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  1. As a therapist, I totally approve of this post. Although I may have to work with her on a more appropriate response :)