Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Few Perks

Staley started talking early in life, and she just never stopped.  Staley is talking (or singing) from the minute she wakes up in the morning to the time she falls asleep at night.  She has so much to say, and I love to listen to the running narrative of what is going on in that little head of hers.  I love how well she communicates, but I've definitely identified a few of my favorite perks.

1.  I always know when Staley is awake and when she is asleep.  I know there are children who lie quietly in their cribs as they are falling asleep or after they wake up.  Not my girl.  I can pinpoint the exact moment she falls asleep and the exact moment she wakes up by whether or not she is talking.  We probably don't still need to use the baby monitor, but we do...mostly because I enjoy listening to her commentary as she is going to sleep and after she wakes up.

2.  I never have to wonder where Staley is.  She is not often quietly in another room doing something she shouldn't be doing.  I always know where she is because wherever it is, she's talking about it.

3.  I never have to wonder what Staley is up to because she is telling me.  She hasn't yet learned that if she's doing something she's not supposed to, she should probably keep quiet about it.  Nope.  She's giving me a running commentary of her misdeeds.  'I playing on stairs.'  'I send message on Mommy's phone.'  'I standing on chair.'  'I dumping my water.'  Yesterday morning, I was in the shower and I heard Staley say, "I standing on my potty."  And sure enough, I looked out the curtain to see her proudly standing atop her potty chair in the bathroom.  I don't have to be watching her constantly, because she's letting me know when she's doing something she shouldn't.

4.  I generally don't have to guess or wonder what her tears are about.  She can let me know if she hurt something or wants something or even if she's crying for no reason.  This morning, Staley was crying when Zach got home from his run.  Concerned, he asked her what was wrong.  She responded with, "I play on stairs.  Mommy say no."  Yup.  No need to be too concerned about that one.  Or the other evening, Staley was crying because she wanted to read more books before brushing her teeth.  I asked her, "Are the tears really necessary?"  Staley answered with, "No.  Just drama."

5.  Staley can help us know what she is up to when we are not there.  She generally can share what she played with or talked about in circle time or the art project she did at the baby-sitters.  She loves to give us up-dates about her time with her cousins or her grandparents.  These cousin or baby-sitter up-dates also often include if someone cried, got in trouble, or got messy.  Although I know that her day-by-day summary isn't always 100% accurate, it's nice to know that she can share what's going on in her world when we're not there.

I love my talkative little girl.  She continues to amuse me with the things she says and astound me with her ever-growing vocabulary.  There are so many things I love about my baby girl...and her talking is just one of the perks.

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