Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Staley enjoyed a full (several) days of Halloween celebration this year.  She was so excited about wearing her crown and her tutu.  She practiced saying 'trick or treat' and 'happy Halloween, everybody' around the house, in her crib at naptime, and sitting in her high chair at meals.  She knew that people were going to give her treats, and that was definitely something to look forward to.

Last week-end, Staley enjoyed the Pumpkin Patch Party at our church with her Walles cousins.  Her favorite part was the cake walk.  It took us about 15 rounds of 'walking on the numbers' before Staley won some cupcakes, but I don't even think the cupcakes were the highlight.  Apparently walking in a circle is great fun!!

With her cousins before the Pumpkin Patch Party

Staley got to enjoy a little extra costume time on Halloween.  She wore her costume to music class, the nursing home to visit her great-grandmas, the shop (where she enjoyed showing off for Brandon, Greg, and the rest of the guys), and the grocery store.

Staley with her friends and teacher from music class

And, of course, trick or treating was a highlight.  Because Staley has a 7:30 bedtime, our trick or treating window was relatively small.  To help out, we split trick or treating between two nights.  The Eureka relatives kindly allowed some early trick or treating on Tuesday so that we could visit a few neighbors on Wednesday. 

Ready to go (with her bucket in one hand and yellow bear in the other)

Trick or treat!

Getting treats is so exciting!

With this Halloween fun, Staley also got her first taste of a candy bar and her first experience with Skittles.  What a wonder(woman)ful Halloween we had!!!

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