Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Our tree is shedding needles and dropping ornaments, our recycling is loaded down with empty boxes, the playroom has been rearranged to accommodate the new toys, and all 3 of us took a 2 hour nap today.  I think it's very clear.  Christmas must be over.

Our Christmas holiday was fast and full, exhilirating and exhausting.  We started off on Sunday evening with the extended Sancken family Christmas, followed it up with a Christmas Eve celebration at the Bradfords with Zach's immediate family, enjoyed a cozy Christmas morning at home with our little family, and then rounded out the fun at my parents for the Walles Christmas bonanza on Christmas evening.

If you ask Staley what she got for Christmas, she probably won't tell you about her new kitchen and accessories or her princess castle or her new baby dolls or her bowling set.  Generally, she tells people that she got toothpaste and stickers.  We could have saved ourselves money and wrapping paper and the 4 hours Zach spent putting together the kitchen because the toothpaste, chapstick, and stickers in her stocking apparently provided enough excitement.  We started Christmas morning with stockings, and Staley didn't even want to unwrap her presents.  She just wanted to brush her teeth.  (Aunt Melissa must be so proud!)  With a little coercing, she did open her presents and has had a great time playing with her new toys.  When she finally walked into her playroom and saw her new kitchen, her eyes lit up and she exclaimed, "Look!  A kitchen!  A real kitchen!" She whipped us up a yummy Christmas morning breakfast of chocolate cake and bacon, baked together in a pot in the oven.  I'm sure she'll share the recipe if you ask.

Staley also got to experience the joy of giving this holiday season.  Zach took her Target and told her she could pick out anything in the store to get for me.  (Brave man.)  Apparently they walked up and down multiple aisles until Staley spotted a display of loofahs.  She immediately said, "This!  I want to get this!" as she proceeded to pick me out a very special orange loofah.  Being less brave than Zach, I took Staley to the Everything's $1 store and told her she could pick out something for Zach.  She immediately found a Cinderella puzzle that she thought Daddy would love...until she spotted some bubble bath in a heart-covered bottle.  We took that to the check-out, where she then changed her mind once again and decided that he would like some casino playing cards.  In the end, I think she picked a winner.  I will admit.  I got some nice things for Christmas, but my orange loofah may be the best gift of them all!

Spending time with family is always a highlight of any holiday.

Staley with her Bradford cousins

Staley and her two older Bradford cousins

Staley with her Walles cousins

Spending a little extra time with Uncle Ethan on Christmas Eve morning was another Christmas highlight.

Staley checking out her stocking loot.

Staley with her new Dora toothbrushes and Little Bear toothpaste.  Score!

Baking up a yummy Christmas morning breakfast.

My little chef (in her super-cute apron that Aunt Melissa made)

We had a very merry Christmas.  We move forward from another Christmas with special gifts and new memories and the joy of giving to others...and very clean teeth.  We wish the same for you!

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