Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Let It Snow

Staley has never experienced snow.  Last winter was so mild that we never had a true snowfall (and Staley probably wouldn't remember it anyway.)  She has several books that talk about the snow and the fun things to do in snow, so Staley has been enchanted with the idea.  She was SO excited about the snow as I was picking her up after work on Thursday evening.  "I getting snow on my coat.  I getting snow on my hat.  Mommy getting snow on her coat.  Mommy driving in the snow."  And since then, she has been asking to play in the snow.  So today we bundled up and headed out.

Ready to go.
(I do think the pink light-up princess boots from Uma may have bolstered Staley's extreme desire for it to snow.) 
I think the idea of snow might be a little more enchanting than the snow itself.  Staley's books expose the fun of sledding (we don't have one yet) and ice skating (not quite ready.)  They show large, perfectly shaped snowmen (snow didn't pack) and snow forts that look like castles (not going to happen).  Her very favorite snowy day picture is when Goose makes a larger-than-himself snowgoose.  (Again, my artistic abilities and the snow consistency made this dream an impossibility.)  Snow angels sounded like a good idea until Staley realized that she would have to lie down in the snow (decided against it).  We did make a few crumbly snowballs, but Staley's mittens made it hard to hold onto anything.  Although she still insists that she likes the snow, I'm afraid her 15 minutes of snowy day bliss might not have lived up to expectations.
First steps into the snow.
So this is what snow feels like.
Staley's winter wonderland.

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