Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Friday, December 28, 2012


I don't know why they call it a smart phone, because all it does is make me feel very un-smart.

I am not a technologically savvy individual.  I can check my e-mail.  I can google information.  I can post on my blog.  But if the computer doesn't do what I think it should do, I'm at a loss for how to fix it.  I don't download new software or problem-solve network problems.  When I call the computer help line at work, most times they just tell me something simple like restart your computer or click on this icon, and it fixes the problem.  But can I figure that out on my own.  Apparently not.  So why, oh why, did I think that I could figure out a smart phone???

Zach and I both got smart phones for Christmas.  I wasn't sure I was ready to say good-bye to my trusty flip phone with the keyboard, but Zach convinced me that it was time to join the 21st century.  In my first hour after activating the phone, I messed up my contacts list, set up my e-mail incorrectly, accidentally called someone (twice), and downloaded what I thought was a free app that actually was going to charge me $9.99/month.  Not a stellar start.  While Zach was whizzing away downloading apps and loving his new phone, I was struggling to set a ringtone and was still figuring out how to actually answer my phone. 

Since the rocky start to our relationship, my new phone has been growing on me.  I have made phone calls, answered phone calls, texted, checked my e-mail, and even downloaded 3 apps.  I set my speed dials (although still haven't figured out how to actually use them.)  Zach helped me rearrange my home screen, and now my phone even tells me the outside temperature wherever I am.  I know there are TONS of things that my new phone can do, many of which I'll probably never figure out.  It still makes me a little nervous that my phone seems to be tracking my every move.  I would like to think of myself as a progressive individual who embraces change and keeps up with the times, but I've realized that I'm not that cool anymore.  I like the status quo.  I like consistency and reliability and the comfort of the familiar.  So although I've moved on into the 21st century (at least in the phone world), I think part of me is still clinging to the 20th.

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