Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Great Nap Experiment

Hypothesis:  Staley no longer needs an afternoon nap.

Experiment:  Staley will skip her afternoon nap, and we will observe the results.

Most recent date of experiment:  Yesterday

1.  Put Staley down for her afternoon nap.
2.  Staley will happily talk and sing in her crib for over half an hour.
3.  Attempt quiet music, dancing, and lying in her room.
4.  After over an hour with no nap in sight, give up and get Staley up.

Staley proceeds through the 4 stages of No-Nap Syndrome.

Stage I:  Utter Happiness
Upon discovery that she has won and nap-time is over, talking, smiling, laughter, and energetic happiness ensue.

Stage II:  Mellowing Out
Staley will proceed to melt into the couch while eating her snack and watching her snack-time television program.  Eyes become glassy, movement is limited.

Stage III:  The Second Wind
In order to combat the mellow tiredness, Staley will become overly active.  Attention to toys and activities is limited, and Staley will instead run aimlessly, do laps around the dining room table, and stay in constant motion in order to not fall asleep.

Stage IV:  The Melt-down
When active pursuits are halted (aka:  sitting down for dinner), bring on the melt-downs.  Make room for sensitivity, tears for no reason, and the inability to deal with even the smallest of disappointments.

The result:  Bedtime occurs at 6:15 instead of 7:30.

Conclusion:  Staley still needs her afternoon nap.

Future Experiments:  Staley decides that this experiment is worth repeating every month or so.  The results are always very similar, but Staley is determined to prove her hypothesis.  Here's hoping that after this current trial, her scientific curiousity is satisfied for a nice, long time.

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