Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Birthday Girl

Turning 2 is great fun!  Staley started off her birthday celebration week-end on Friday (her actual birthday) with a special day spent with her birthday twin, cousin Liam.  A trip to the Bloomington Children's Museum, lunch and nap at Aunt Melissa's house, and then play time with all of Liam's toys made for one happy 2 year old.

The birthday girl.

Water fun at the museum.

Our little artists busy at work.

The birthday king with his queen.

The birthday kids!!!

Saturday morning brought about the long-awaited event...Staley's birthday party.  She's been talking about her party for weeks.  She brought many birthday party requests to the table.  Staley wanted cupcakes and ice cream, party hats, games, and a Sesame Street balloon.  All her wishes were granted.  I then took the liberty of adding a few touches of my own.  (Well, "my own" courtesy of googling 'Sesame Street birthday party' and borrowing some cute ideas.)

Happy 2nd Birthday, Staley!

Party hats?  Check!

Cupcakes?  Check!

Games?  Check!  For the grown-ups...

...and for the kids.

And, of course, the much anticipated Sesame Street balloon.

And who can resist Sesame Street pom pom characters...

...and themed party food,

including Ernie's rubber ducky punch.

And to top it all off, there were even presents!!!

What a sunny day we had!!!


  1. I am in awe!!! I love Sesame Street and your knocked it out of the park:) LOVE that I have crafty friends:) Happy Birthday to my buddy Staley:)

  2. For someone who claims to not be "crafty", I'd say you did an excellent job! Super cute!