Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Staley loves her friends.  She has friends at the baby-sitters.  Her cousins are her friends.  She loves the neighbor kids.  She is friends with the children of my friends and co-workers.  But lately, she's also been spending some time with a few other friends...her imaginary ones. 

Lately, Staley has been talking a lot about her 'friends' coming over or her friends being at her house.  They sometimes eat with us, sitting at the table in specific chairs assigned by Staley.  She will talk about playing with her friends or having her friends come to her birthday party.  Much like naming her bears, Staley has named her  new 'friends' according to colors.  She has 'the pink one', 'the green one', and 'the blue one.'  She has told me that the pink one's name is Katie, but this isn't consistent.  What is consistent is that Staley seems very fond of these friends.

Yellow Bear is also a very special friend.  Yellow Bear goes most places we go.  Yellow Bear spends all naps and bedtimes in the crib with Staley.  Although all her bears sleep with her now, Yellow Bear is always the one that she cuddles up with as she's going to sleep.  He eats with us, plays with us, reads with us.  Staley often includes Yellow Bear in her play or reads books to him.  One morning, Staley and I were walking down the stairs for breakfast.  I heard her sweetly say, "I love you."  I turned around to tell her that I loved her too when I heard her say, "You want to eat breakfast with me?"  She was looking down at Yellow Bear as she carried him down the stairs, and I realized that she was talking to Yellow Bear, not me.  And tonight as we were putting Staley down for bed, she said, "Hi, Yellow Bear.  I like your ribbon.  It's very nice."

Yellow Bear enjoying some of Staley's cooking.

It's sweet how much Staley loves Yellow Bear.  I enjoy watching Staley's imagination come alive with her new 'friends.'  But I also think that maybe my company just isn't meeting all of Staley's play and social needs anymore.  It's probably a good thing that Peanut is on the way...before the pink one, the blue one, and the green one decide to set up a permanent residence here.

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  1. She brings a smile to my face! Kamden has also created imaginary friends recentely... kokus, jokus, and many other okus names. He says they are spanish. :)