Adelie and Staley's World

Adelie and Staley's World

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Laments of a Sick Mother

It's a universal truth.  Being sick is no fun.  Feeling miserable, congestion, cough, fever, aches, chills.  (Official diagnosis:  Influenza.)  Nothing about it makes anyone want to voluntarily sign up.  But as I sit here on the couch after my fresh dose of Tylenol and dinner of chicken noodle soup, blankets on, hood up, I have been thinking about how illness is just one more thing that motherhood changes.  Because as yucky as I feel, my primary thoughts remain:

1.  Is my fever, my heart rate, my violent coughing fits, my medication going to in any way be detrimental to Peanut?

2.  Am I eating enough and drinking enough to keep Peanut nourished appropriately?

3.  I'm just so glad it's me and not Staley. 

4.  But can I keep Staley from getting this?

5.  Will she feel as sad as I do that we didn't see each other all day?  That I won't be able to kiss her good-night?  That she will probably be getting much more Daddy time and grandparent time than Mommy time over the next few days?

6.  How, oh how, do I sanitize myself and our home enough to keep Staley healthy?

7.  When will I feel well enough to be a good Mommy again?

There is nothing good about being sick.  But just like everything else I've experienced as a mother, things are different now.  My thoughts are different.  My priorities are different.  My concerns are different.  But the actual's not different.  Still sucks!

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